Sunday, April 6, 2003

Mew seems to be feeling better.

Well, I didn't call the shelter yesterday. Mew tossed her cookies, then ate, then proceeded to play with her brothers, something she's not really inclined to do. I figured she was feeling better. I let them run around a bit, then put them back in the cage. That evening, I noticed mom's nipples didn't look like they had been sucked on, and she was acting uber friendly and kept sticking her but up in the air.. Yup. she's in heat, and her milk has dried up. *sigh*

Every time Mew throws up there is dry food in it. I can't help but wonder if that is the issue. Not quite sure how to keep her from eating them, and providing for her brothers. Only think I can think of is to put the food bowl on a higher level so she can't get to it, but I'm still searching for something that will do that, and won't allow the bowl to be tipped over.

although last night I made a discovery that will probably negate any others.. Mew's pupils are two different sizes. Still are this morning too. (had to wait and see cause I've been 'fooled' by kittens before.. one of them eye changed color overnight from blue to green. then the next day changed back, I SWEAR!.. and another one had an enlarged pupil, but the next day was fine. I called the shelter and I was asked to bring her into the vets Monday morning 8 am. I don't usually wake up till 8:30..

I'm thinking a bowl obstruction myself. (hence, the larger dry pellets causing a problem, but not the wet food.. ) I haven't seen her go poop, but I've rubbed her belly and she doesn't seem to mind it at all. She has gone pee several times. Sigh. Anybody want a defective kitty? She is ultra adorable.. likes to sit on your shoulder.. but hates to be reclined. She'll let you hold her upright.. But the minute her head goes back further than 90 degrees she starts to panic.

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