Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Sally ate.

Well.. sally actually ate this morning.

We went down to see her last night, and she was still refusing me. Hubby pulled a few pieces of dry food out of the bowl and offered it to her and she ate. Confirmed everything I believed that she really needs someone else right now.. She didn't eat much.. a couple of mouthfuls.. but she went over to the bowl almost acted surprised there was a whole bowl of that food in the room :)

This morning I got a call from Denise. Saying the only thing she could think of that they could do for her is give her fluids. I reminded her that I am giving her fluids. She recommended I call the vet anyway. I don't think the vet can do much for her, but I think she'll take more kindly to someone else forcing food down her throat.. so I got very frustrated.

I went down to see sally. She was her usual pathetic self. I opened up a can of Friskies, and that she was interested in. Or more correctly say she's interested in the jelly. That goop is pure nectar of the kitty gods.. I swear. I got her to eat maybe a quarter of the can. Hey.. its a start. I replaced the old dry food with new dry food, and she had a few nibbles.. then went off to wash herself. Since I hadn't pilled her yet this morning, I grabbed her and pilled her, then threw a few more bites of food into her. the first two she took okay, but the last two she was trying to rip my arm off. Gonna try and heat the food up this afternoon.. Didn't work a few days ago, but who knows.. it might work now.

I have to say this whole experience has left me very frustrated. I know there isn't much that can be done for URI.. and if she were just sitting here miserable that would be one thing, but this whole not eating thing.. its scary. She hasn't had a decent bowel movement in a week.

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