Thursday, April 10, 2003

Good bye Mew

I'm sorry to report that my little mew was put to sleep this afternoon. She was majorly deformed on the inside, her stomach was up in her chest cavity, making it hard for food to get out, and for her lungs to grow. She was having a harder and harder time breathing and we knew it was for the best.

Larry, Moe and Curly are back at the shelter awaiting their neutering then will go up for adoption (probably this weekend)

Mom aka Sally, has been feeling warm, and acting depressed, so I took her in. She has a temp of 108, so the shelter recommended I take her to the vet. I left the terror triplets there, and off Mew and I went.. The vet got a temp of 105 (but she didn't wait till the thermometer was done so it could be higher) so she has come home with me and on doxycycline and sub q fluids.. till she feels better or I get even worse news and hear she's got something that can't be treated..

I talked to this vet about Mew.. how she was still throwing up.. and how she was acting. The vet got concerned, listened to her heart and lungs, and said she was having a hard time breathing. The other vet said her lungs sounded clear, so it was something that was obviously getting worse (since monday) They took an xray and found her stomach was up in her chest cavity. A friend of mine who fosters recently told me about a kitten she had who had a similar problem, and when she did, I pretty much assumed this was what was going on with mew. Didn't hurt any less to hear it though.

Afterwards I went back to the shelter to let them know what was going on, and to leave them info on the boys (since they didn't even take their names in the rush to get mom to the vet) I went to visit the boys and I let them out of their cage. Larry and Curly went right to the bunny cage next to theirs and started sniffing and watching the two rabbits in it. Moe decided he wanted to explore the room. I have to say they were acting incredibly well. They were easy to catch when I decided to put them away, and they weren't trying to escape.. I think I can't call them the terror triplets any more :) Part of me wants to go to the shelter this weekend if they are going up for adoption, the other part doesn't.. cause I know people are going to ask about them, and the history, and I don't think new owners would need to know about mew, but I don't think I couldn't tell them.. if you know what I mean.


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