Wednesday, April 30, 2003

My cats are so spoiled.

It is such a sad thing that I have raised such shy kitties.. they are sooooo afraid of getting into the bags I bring home to get out what they want..


my kitties have absolutely no problem asking for what they want. I brought home a cat nip toy, and they were all over the bags.. but then again, they are all over any plastic bags I bring home. Muffin LOVES to sit in them.. I hadn't even emptied one and she was trying to get in it last night. I also had a bowl in another one, and she just climbed up in it and sat in the bowl cause it was wrapped in a plastic bag.. it was so cute. Unfortunately though I left the bag on the floor, and bit later on in the evening a couple of kitties - I am assuming it was Muffin and Eli - tore though the house and broke the bowl into a number of pieces. They have no couth.

Today I'm trying something new. I've decided I'm going to give them vitamin supplements in wet food as a treat. The lecithin is doing great things with Emerald's coat (she had major dandruff, it's almost gone now) and I decided that I will be introducing Vitamin C to them as well. I opened up a packet of wet food and put the supplements and the food in five different food bowls for them. Em gets some lecithin and C, and everyone else got a little Vitamin C, except jack who is going to get a bit more. Well, Ollie was totally not fooled. Immediately turned it down. Muffin ate hers, Eli ate his.. well they licked the juice off the sliced food anyway.. Jack had some of his, then went to go see what Em had. Em wanted to know what Ollie passed up.. then Muffin, done with hers, went to eat jacks.. *rolls eyes* I gave up. It wasn't vitally important that they eat their own portions.. just would have been nice... oh well.

Charlie still is with kittens. I haven't felt any more movement. The other day I felt a kitty kick me. But she's not too keen on me just laying my hand on her tummy, it needs to be patting her, or scratching her. She is going to make someone a really great cat..

I checked up on Sally on Tuesday.. she was still there. :( oh well.. She is a great kitty too, I'm sure she'll be picked soon.

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