Wednesday, April 9, 2003


mew is not well. she was diagnosed with coccidia..

What are coccidia?
Coccidia are small protozoans (one-celled organisms) that multiply in the intestinal tracts of dogs and cats, most commonly in kittens and puppies less than six months of age, in adult animals whose immune system is suppressed or in animals who are stressed in other ways (e.g., change in ownership, other disease present).

Coccidia causes diarrhea. I haven't read of a single instance where it causes constipation, which Mew has... which is probably why she is so absolutely miserable. Going to try a few things today to help her along with that

she was able to keep food down for 48 hours.. Monday afternoon (after the trip to the vets) she was all happiness and acted like she had finally taken a turn for the better (its always my luck that the minute I involve a professional the problem goes away).

I had forgotten to take in a stool sample, so I took that Tuesday morning. Got the call she has coccidia, and went down for meds for that. 1cc the first dose, which she took like a trooper, then .5 cc each additional. Tuesday she threw up a couple of times, Wednesday morning (this morning) she threw up four times in my presence, then once after I left. I just got back from feeding them.. she was quite active till I fed her. then the teaspoon of food I fed her sat in her stomach wrong and for about 10-15 minutes she made pathetic about to throw up noises. part of me wanted her to throw up and get it over with, the other half wanted her to keep it down. she eventually threw up. she was starving again, so this time I fed her a teaspoon of food, but kept interrupting her. when she had most of the teaspoon eaten up, she again started making the pathetic throwing up noises.

However.. it looks like she might have actually gained an ounce.. so at least there is that.

I also gave back the dry food. the boys really need it, and since she's throwing up twice a day now anyway, I figured it couldn't hurt if she ate it.

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