Thursday, April 3, 2003

Kitties can be gross

ok. the kittens did the GROSSEST thing this morning.
the little one, she eats too fast, so then she throws it up. Well she did that.. and then ate it back up again. now I know what your thinking.. but it gets worse. She then threw it back up again, and one of her brothers decided that it was absolutely yummy and ate it all up and even got protective of it.
ok.. say it with me.. EEEEWWW.

I cleaned up the cage while they ran around the room. I had it all nice and neat, and so I medicated them and stuck them back in the cage. Mom immediately had to go poop. One of the boys decided he had to go as well and was trying to get in the box. Did I mention its a very small box. Somehow he got out with out getting any on him. I don't know how. Everyone else decided they had to go too.. so after a few minutes I decided to let them out so I could clean the box yet again. Mew decided she wanted to play.. it was absolutely adorable. The boys were quite rough with her. but she loved it. I ended up catching them all and putting them back in the cage with the left over food. Mew decided she wanted to eat yet again VERY big appetite, tiny little stomach.. so after a few bites I took her back out of the cage. She crawled up my shirt and sat on my shoulder. She is ultra cute.. :) So cute she's almost evil.. *grin*

I usually have a brood of kittens waiting for me when I come out of the room. they aren't all that happy that I "go away"

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