Saturday, April 5, 2003

Somethings wrong with Mew

Last night mew still didn't seem right. Was mewing in that croaked type of mew, but this time it seemed almost 'wet'. I'm going to call the shelter this morning. *waits patiently for it to open* She hadn't thrown up all afternoon, I thought that was a good sign, but she wasn't doing well at all. very lethargic, totally not caring about stuff around her. Very cute still mind you.. but just sitting there. It reminded me a lot of kodi. She would occasionally toddle after her mom, but mom - who being stuck in a cage with them all afternoon - just walked off. Understandable, wanting a little alone time. She started to make throw up noises, so I picked her up and brought her back to the table cloth I have the cage on. I didn't quite make it, but fortunately it was thick enough that it just sort of hung out of her mouth. Curly knew the throw up noises and came looking for her. Proceeded to eat it right out of her mouth.. man these kittens are obsessed. After about an hour of running around time, I them medicate everyone (with clavamox for the URI) and put them back in the cage. Moe was the last one to be caught. He was standing by the door, and I called to him to come over, and I reached my hand out. He started walking toward my hand. When he got up to it he slapped it, then did a bounce back.. (a hunting type reflex) It was so cute.. it was like he was giving me 'five'.

Once I got them all in the cage, Mew just sat there while her brothers clamored to get out to run around a bit more. she walked over to the far side of the cage near the litter box, sat there for a while, still crying, then threw up.. in the litter... which of course curly wanted to eat... She does get agitated before she throws up.. mewing, and seeming uncomfortable. But then she does and she's totally fine, hungry and thirsty.. I wouldn't worry about it if she were even close to the same size as her brothers. but since she's a half or even a third of their size, I think she's just not able to get all that she needs out of the food.

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