Friday, April 25, 2003

Tobin has cancer.

Tobin has cancer.. it's benign.. but its something I have to keep an eye on. At least he's enjoying the extra attention.. which in its self is kinda weird.. cause he's never been a social bunny. I seriously considered getting him a girlfriend.. the shelter has a ton of bunnies.. but none were female and overly friendly.. I don't really want to take in another anti-social bunny. yup.. I'm a little selfish that way.. But it's quite an investment with no return .. so I didn't bring one home. There is a nice boy bunny there.. a couple in fact, but I don't think Tobin would appreciate a young stud in the house..

I got some drops for Eli.. Tresaderm. After the first dose, his ears were 90% better. He needs them twice a day for two weeks. He's not going to like this one little bit cause he hates the drops, and it doesn't help that they have to be kept cold. I'm going to miss the daily ear checks.. Cause I get him to cuddle up next to me, and usually when I clean his ears he starts purring.. but its probably just cause they feel so much better without the goop in them.

I'm thinking about setting up my webcam to keep an eye on charlie (my new name for midnight the pregnant cat) I'd like to be able to keep an eye on her while I'm in the rest of the house. *looks over past blog entries* I haven't told you much about her.. I took one look at her and said wow. your black as midnight aren't you.. and I could have sworn I heard her say yes.. When I looked at her paperwork, her name was midnight. She responds very well to verbal commands.. come here, go there.. roll over.. it's freaky. She also likes the name charlie. We joked we'll name the kidlets charlies angels.. :) I took her into the vet with me when I went in with Tobin. She took an x-ray.. and there are definitely five kittens in there, there might be six. Charlie only weighed 8 lbs 3 oz.. with six kittens? she must have been a tiny cat. The vet thinks some time in the next week.. I think it might be longer. Although I do hope it is sooner.. I'm getting kitten fever.. *grin*

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