Thursday, April 3, 2003

A 'money cat'

MommyTig asked: What is a 'money cat' I see the pic, but can you educate me a little more?

I posted in yahoo that the mom was a money cat. I was asked there if it was a typo, so I went to google to find some info on the term Money Cat. I've come to the conclusion that it must be a regional thing because after 20 pages of google searches, I came up with only three references of it, and two were from New England (not sure where the third was from) For some reason calico cats are called money cats around here. Its when they are white in base, and have orange and black spots.. here is a little money cat story.

Went down to feed the kittens tonight. Mew was doing worse. She only took a nibble of food then started mewing at me.. but in a harsh pathetic way.. well as harsh as a half pound cat can muster.. more of a croak really. she then started blowing snot bubbles.. poor thing can't breath. I tried to help her out with a warm wash cloth, but she was not very pleased with that, and for a half pound kitten she's kind determined. I put her down in the middle of the floor, and she just sat there for a while... with her brothers running around like.. well terrors.. she tottled off to the far side of the room and proceeded to throw up. Which of course was promptly eaten by larry (Ive named them larry moe and curly) She immediately felt better and started chasing after her brothers. She couldn't keep up, but they would eventually work their way back around the room and she'd go after them again. :)

The boys found the trash bin in the room too. Moe decided to throw himself away.. it was quite adorable. it was the new big cat toy.. in, out, on, over, in, out, in, over, in.. and with the introduction of the belled ball and the trash can, oh they were in heaven.. :)

I reintroduced the food, and Mew decided she was hungry. That made me feel a lot better about her condition. I kept interrupting her eating though.. letting her stomach have a chance to tell the brain how full it was. *crosses fingers* she hadn't thrown up by the time I left. Hopefully she'll keep some of it down. Poor thing.

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