Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Walking cats

took Ollie and Jack out for a walk the other day. First, it was Jack. He sat outside and was looking around. I decided to take him to the edge of yard to check the mail. I put him down on the ground, and he just looked up at me and meowed, as if to ask me "now what?" I tried to get him to walk toward the house, but he wouldn't. I walked as close to the house as his leash would allow, but he still wouldn't follow me. I scooched down and patted the ground and he came and rubbed up against my ankles. Had to do that a few times, then he got the hang of it and walked back to the house and up the stairs. Sat on the porch and didn't want to go back inside. I eventually herded him inside. I took ollie out next. He loved it. Only wanted to walk in the shade, but that's understandable.. black cat, lots of warm sun. He had a blast. Will have to take him out more often... maybe when the sun isn't so bright.

still no kittens.

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