Sunday, April 6, 2003

Taking away the dry food

well the only way to keep mew from eating dry food was to remove it. I don't think the boys will mind all that much, and even if they do get hungry, it wont do them any harm to be with out food for a while.

I am 98% positive mew went poop while I was blogging earlier. So I saved it and am going to bring it to the vet.. they like such presents (lol).

I bought some brewers yeast and some lecithin for my own kitties. They say yeast is a good over all health benefit.. basically some vitamins. It came in tablet form.. and it was all that Wal-Mart had and was on clearance to boot. Surprisingly no one really likes it but Eli. He loves 'em. No one else could quite figure out what to do with them. they smelled interesting, and were put in the mouth, but then they were spit out and played with till it got close to Eli, who ate them. Come on you sillies.. they are just like crunchy kitty treats!! oh well. Will probably pulverize some and sprinkle it on their food every once in a while.

The lecithin is for Em. It is supposed to help with her dandruff. However it only came in gel cap form. Easily enough punctured, and squeezed out on a finger.. unfortunately she doesn't seem to like it. I don't think she hates it.. I think it doesn't do anything for her. I put some on her upper lip, and she licked it off just fine. Will have to squeeze that out on to her food too.

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