Sunday, April 6, 2003

Kibble seems to have been the problem

well it looks like the kibble was the problem *knocks on wood* Mew did not throw up this evening. She was even the first (ok the second) one out of the cage when I opened it.. she's usually last and then waits a few moments more. She came out, and ate. Gobbled down food like there was no tomorrow. I interrupted her once.. she sat on me for a while. Climbed up to my shoulder again.. made noises that I thought were precursors to hurling, but when I took her down she didn't, and went to eat some more.

*does happy dance*

she's still going to the vet in the AM. That eye thing has me worried, and the fact that she can't eat kibble and that her tummy is quite full and distended.. .. but at least she was able to keep the moistened moist food down.. (although she's probably throwing up right about now knowing my luck!)

The URI seems to be clearing up nicely. There is almost no sneezing any more. Mew still sounds a bit congested.. but that could just be her for all we know. Will know more tomorrow.

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