Sunday, February 20, 2011

Animal Communicator

The shelter held an animal communicator event today.  She came in and for $15 you could get a reading.  I thought it was for half an hour, but it was for 15 minutes.  I don't really care, I was mostly done.  I could have gone on and asked about Em, and given some of my other kitties a chance to say something, but I wanted to check in with Jack and see how he was doing since he had been spraying.

I brought him with me, with his harness in the basket carrier.  We used to travel quite a bit when he was younger, but he isn't as comfortable being out and about now.  He shook a little and while he ate the treats, he preferred to sit in the basket while we chatted.  So half way through I moved the basket so he could sit in it.  He was much more comfortable that way. 

From an outward perspective, he did not seem to be interested in the communication at all.  He barely looked at the woman.  He ate the treats, nosed around on me for a bit, then jumped down looking to get in the carrier.

from what I was told though, he was apparently rather chatty.

I've had several different readings, and most times the communicator doesn't much like "so what does he have to tell me"  They prefer it when there is a question to be asked and answered.... well at least that is when I get actual information.  When I ask what does he have to say, I generally get way too general answers.

One of the first things she said though, was he had what felt like post nasal drip.  she even made a noise that she said came from him because she feels what he feels when she connects.  Nasal drip doesn't make much sense to me because he hasn't had any nasal discharge, but he has had some throat issues since his surgery.  I mentioned that, and she went on that thought for a while, but came back to nasal drip.  

I asked about the spraying.  He hasn't done it since Ollie's passing, so I assumed it had to do with stress.  She said it had to do with his feeling like he had to "get something out"  She said it feels like there are crystals on the outside of his bladder walls and when they flake off they feel like snowflakes.  Since he has had several bouts with urinary crystals, I found that interesting.  I had his urine checked during his trip to the vet, and it came back ok (no crystals)   I mentioned again that it concerned me and she wanted to check in with him about not doing it.  She said he liked to do it on the tree.  Since I came with a cat in a harness she assumed I took him out.  I said no, he is completely indoors.  She said he is showing me a tree, which is when it dawned on me that this is the spot that he has been spraying.  You can see I put orange peels down on the heater, and that is where it is, but it is close enough to make me go.. duh!
She said he said he will scratch the tree when he is about to spray..  we'll see.

She said he liked to sit up on my shoulder when I hold him.  He felt that was regal.
She said that he liked the other harness better.  The "blue" one and she pointed to the light blue handles of the basket..  He said it matches him better.  Which was funny because I like the other harness we have as it is easier to put on, but it is a little easier to slip out of so I picked the new one.  The other harness is a light purple.

He prefers canned food in chunks .. ha ha ha.. not surprised.  She said he likes the food in the "purple can" no idea what that means.  He said he prefers the "mushy" treats over the dry ones.

I asked how the harmony in the house was.  She got the sense it was very quiet.  Which it is, no fosters, no fussing over Ollie, the house is very quiet.  She asked if there was anyone in the home, I said yes, six other cats, and she didn't get that sense.  Although a little bit later she said he doesn't like it when one of the other cats scrabble on the floor.. meaning when they try to run and can't get purchase because of the hardwood floors.  He apparently showed her the house and she said it was very nice, mentioning the large room and the archway
Jack talked about liking to be on his back and playing with something hanging.  I thought he meant the toys hanging off one of the cat trees, but the more she talked the more I think she meant this
I got this for Muffin a few years ago because she liked pom-poms.  Tweedle has been playing with it lately and it has been out and about.

I had her check in with Ollie.  I said I am assuming he is happy now, and he said oh yes, very happy.  He apparently showed up "with a dog" which she went on to describe.  I have no dogs in my life, so she was a little perplexed, but then either came up with, or Ollie told her that he just brought the dog for someone else because he was too stupid to find his way himself.  That to me is a very Ollie thing.    Was it?  That is one of those things to me that is too vague to be sure of.  Although.. she did mention the left side, and went right to the spot on her corresponding with the spot on him where his cancer was.  She said she saw an X over it which she thought was odd.  She also talked about his passing.  How Ollie was sorry he had to put me through it, but that he did get comfort in my being there.  She said she got the feeling I was able to give him some Reiki (energy) during his passing which he found comforting.

Then I had her check in with Skippy.  I am concerned about him because I still feel like he is fearful that he will be returned again.  He was returned by me to the shelter originally, adopted by someone and returned, then brought home by me to get healthy, and returned, and he got sick again came back went back, and after a week I couldn't deal with it so I adopted him.  I often get the feeling that he feels that one wrong move and he's being sent back, and I can't seem to get him over that.  She said he was unsure of things.  She said he was unsure of coming up on the bed sometimes - which is completely true.  She said he was unsure of how to play - which is not really true.  He plays with Fleurp a lot, and often tries to play with others, which may lead to his being unsure because they don't much like his version of play.  She also said he had some pain on his left side, but different from what she felt with Jack and Ollie (both of which had their issues on the left side) I have NO idea what this refers to.  He also said he would like to have his dinner on a blue plate.  We feed on two large dinner plates.  We used to give Ollie a separate plate, so maybe he's wishing he got special treatment.. but heck, I have a blue plate, and if that helps him feel comfortable here, then a blue plate it is.  She said he would like to snuggle nose to nose with me (and a dry nose), and then I'll know he's comfortable

I told her about Kit, and her love for my husband, and she said, yes, she does LOVE my husband, and specifically his chest. She would like it if he were to go bare chested.. which I had to giggle at because my husband is not a bare chest kind of guy, and I'm sure he'd be too fearful of her claws to actually do it.
I had her connect to Twee, because the other animal communicators have always found her interesting.  She got the feeling that she was making a rrr rrr sound, or thought, or feeling.. Kind of like a motor that won't fully start, which is interesting since she is such a special kitty.  The other said she talked like a young kitten even though she was several years old. 

There was a lot more this time that was concrete and solid.  There was quite a bit I didn't understand or didn't make sense.  That is the unfortunate side of animal communicators.  Is it because they are scams or because the pets aren't all that great at getting out what needs to be said in a way we can understand it. There was enough on this reading that I don't feel it was a scam, and I will be happy to contact her again if I feel the need to connect to my crew a little more directly.

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  1. Interesting. We have an animal communicator as a client at the cat hospital where I work and she said our one clinic cat was spraying and peeing outside the box because it was stressed about the other clinic cats health problems. So, one of our techs took her with her when she went off to vet school two years ago and well, she still sprays. I don't discount it at all, and sometimes it's nice to have a different perspective and well, can't hurt, right.


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