Sunday, February 6, 2011


yesterday I was snuggling with Jack and looked in his mouth. I saw a bit of tarter on his tooth so I tried to flake it off. In the process he seemed upset and there was a little blood, so I stopped but I thought I noticed his tooth was a bit loose when I had touched it.

I didn't want to upset him, so I let it go. This morning while he was sleeping I woke him up and noticed he had drooled a bit. So I looked in his mouth and touched the tooth again and it moved. So it looks like it is time for a dental for him. He also has a cyst on his leg that has been there for a couple of years and I always said I'd get it taken care of the next time he was sedated, so that will probably be taken care of as well.

Eli needs his teeth cleaned and my vet said that Twee had some issues with her teeth so I will schedule them as well if he has time. Twee has a major reaction to sedation so he is going to try his hand at hand scaling her.

I'm thinking it might not be a bad idea to get Fleurp in for a recheck as well. She has developed an obsession with silicone and I figure better safe then sorry.

guess it is time to dip into the kitty health fund


  1. We're glad you have a fund! Unfortunately the mom doesn't, and ooh, boy, do the vet bills ever add up FAST!

    Good luck with everyone; lots of purrs that they'll be fine.

    And lots of purrs to Tinsel and Peter, that they find their forever home SOON.

  2. At least you are smart enough to have a fund. Mom is gonna have to do something before the vet beats her about getting Tim's teeth cleaned!


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