Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guess What..

 They're back!!!
back where??
 You.. your home you silly kittens!!  .. well not officially "home" but back here again for some more care.  Apparently your furever home isn't ready for you quite yet
oh.. ok.  That's alright, I kinda like it here
 Peter was a little unsure of things when he first got here.  He ran out of the carrier so fast that DH thought we left him behind  But after a few minutes of hiding and a few minutes of Tinsel having fun, Peter came out and relaxed a little.  He was still quick to run if you tried to catch him.  They are both on clindamycin for calci virus.  Tinsel's teeth look better and his mouth doesn't smell as horrid as it did.  a little sad since he has been vaccinated for calci,  *shrug*

Peter playing with his tail

more together time

Here Tin, I'll get that spot on your back for you


  1. Are you sure they're not in their forever home now? :-)

  2. Glad they are blossoming into fine young kittens, with your good nursing care.


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