Sunday, February 13, 2011

another lump

I went and saw Peter and Tinsel yesterday.  Apparently Tinsel is now developing a lump  in the exact same spot that Peter has his.  They are starting to think it is a reaction to the vaccine - which is a little odd since it has been weeks since they got it, but it is too odd to be anything else.

The staff member mentioned Peter was having loose stools.  I mentioned that Tinsel has had them since I brought them home, and she said she'd look into that.  She was bringing a sample back to the shelter to test it to see if it might not be parasitic.

But then I saw this

Apparently kittens live cheezy goodness in the form of Doritos.  They were also digging around in her stuff for her sandwich.  So I can't help but wonder what else they have been eating. 

Although it's probably parasitic

I took another look at Tinsel's teeth, and this time they were very inflamed right where his teeth were.  Yesterday they were all red.  I'm hoping it is just because he is cutting his adult teeth, but some how I doubt that.  I've seen many kitties cut teeth, and they don't smell like he smelled and don't become as red.  But every kitty is different, so hopefully it is nothing.  The staff thought they would get into a vet for a check up though.

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