Wednesday, February 16, 2011

yet another visit

Ok, seriously, why haven't these two boys found a home yet??  I was so sure they weren't going to be there because I figured they got adopted over the weekend.  But it had been so long since I checked, that I went anyway. 
Peter seems very comfortable there now

Tinsel sleeping

 I snuck them some canned food since I was the only one there tonight. The night cleaning crew had already come and gone.  They were so good, taking turns.  Very well mannered, it reminded me once again how good Tinsel was with Peter.
After the snack, lap time

 Peter's lump is still there.  You can see it slightly when patting him because his fur sticks out.  This was the best picture I could get of it, but it does look much more dramatic then it does in person.  The lump is just into the buff color, the fur sticking out where my jeans are.  The fur was smoothed down, and the part over the lump pops up.  It is barely larger then my pinkie fingernail.  Tinsel's is even smaller.  Tin's teeth are still red and his breath still smells.  The manager wrote that Peter's eyes looked watery.  They are all very mild symptoms but I'm just paranoid enough to think they should be seen before they turn into something.  The shelter has so much experience with mild things turning out to be nothing, so I'm not upset that they haven't done anything yet.
synchronized bathing

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