Thursday, February 17, 2011

Now this is interesting

So I was surfing blogs a few days ago and ran across someone who was very upset that Michael Vick was going to be on the Oprah show.  The author felt that Michael could never be redeemed and should never be given opportunities.  (ok, so I'm using a broad paintbrush to quickly convey the point of the blog)

I am NOT a fan of Michael Vick.  I think anyone who can watch / enjoy / profit off watching dogs kill each other is missing something vital in their personal being, and I do not want to be a part of anyone who can do that. I don't want to support/encourage/etc.  I don't think he should have been given such a fast return to the NFL (from someone who doesn't even watch the NFL or other sports because I think the players are given too much and are worshiped) From the few interviews I've heard talk about, I wasn't happy with his contrition, I think he was sorry he was caught, and not sorry for what he did (maybe he is now, I do not know)


I wouldn't have mind seeing an Oprah interview.  Since she loves dogs, I would hope that she would have been sincere in getting to the heart of the matter and digging out his real feelings and either getting him to see the error of his ways or admit fully and honestly he sees the error of watching two souls fight to kill.  I was hoping to see more then I'm sorry I was caught and now I have to spout this stupid message of animal rights and it's annoying and taking out of my time being a supastar! 

I abhor what he did.  I don't think that he got enough punishment.  I'm not sure he hasn't learned the real lesson of why he shouldn't do it (I think he learned that getting caught sucks) I don't like him. 

I would have liked a chance to hear him explain.  To have my mind changed. 

Too bad "personal reasons" got in the way of that.

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  1. My blood boils every time I hear his name, but I too would have liked to see that interview. Here is a good post from the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary blog, as they helped with so many of his dogs, I think they are spot on in their view of things...


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