Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Fly

Well, I might not have mighty hunters, but I do have a mighty fly hunter.

And it is NOT Kit

 She liked playing with it but she refused to eat it.  So I called in "The Mighty Fly Hunter" who came running when I called her.  I got her right up on the bed and next to the fly, but it wasn't moving so she was unsure what I wanted her to do.
 Then it moved, and she ate it.
 Jack showed up at that point wondering what all the hubbub was about.
Skippy however wanted nothing to do with it all.

Jack is healing nicely.  I had to pill him this morning.  I had the mascarpone cheese out, and I put a dab on the pill to see if he would just eat it.  And he did.  I was very impressed.  Not that I have a problem pilling any of my cats, but if it can be enjoyable for them to get a pill, I prefer that.

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