Friday, February 4, 2011

My first dream of Ollie

It was an incredibly bizarre dream. I am not going to write about it other then the Ollie part. I was in the middle of something when I realized he was near and so I stopped and went to him. I was still fearful of picking him up - because I did not want to cause him discomfort - so I was very careful and ended up picking him up and holding him close. He felt very light and almost like a stuffed rag doll of a cat. I put him down after a very short amount of time, and the dream went on.

I was a little surprised he was in a weakened state in my dream. When I dreamed of Emmy, she was her full vibrant self again.

But then again, I was always uncomfortable picking up Ollie as he was NOT a cat to be held. He would stiffen up each time and make it very difficult - legs out, back stiff. Maybe this was his way of letting me know that the tension was gone.

I still miss him. Every time I think of him, it feels like he is just in the other room. Quite often I've seen Tweedle and thought it was him.

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  1. I like to think that he was telling you he was free of tension and stress now. My Brighton so reminds me of my favorite boycat Bo who I lost in 2005 to HCM. He is similarly marked, weighs exactly the same and holds the same 'position' in the house as Bo did...and their names both begin with B, not a conscious effort on my part.


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