Monday, February 28, 2011

What I did this weekend...

Besides hang out with Peter and Tinsel?  yup, I had an interesting day on Saturday. 

A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to help out with SpayDay.  I said sure, what do you need and when?  I was told there would be emailed information, and I was good with that.

Well what I didn't realize is that the email would come two days before the event.  I was a little put off by that since it is my husbands' birthday weekend (birthday on Monday) and there was a darn good chance we would have had plans to do something together.  But since both he and I are last minute kind of people, we hadn't settled on anything, and his brother wanted him to come help him with some things, we decided to each do our own thing.  So I went south to a clinic that was participating.

For $25 you could get your cat castrated, for more (I don't remember the exact amount I think it was $40) you could get your cat spayed.  Pretty good deal.  The people prepaid either at the clinic or at the shelter so basically I was checking people in, getting them to sign consent forms and ID'ing the cats to make sure we knew who was who in all of the may lay.

27 cats were brought in.  it was quite amazing watching the staff work.  As it seems in every vet clinic, there was one woman who was doing a million things, and she amazed me.  How she kept everything straight I'm not sure.  There were a bunch of us who were trying to help but felt we were more in the way sometimes.  I trimmed a lot of claws, got a few mats out of fur (oh those bug me to no end.  We had three older Persians who must have been used for breeding in the past who were COVERED)  I also got to watch a few surgeries (which is when I realized for certain I am sensitive to ISO - the sedation they use - as I kept getting light headed.  I wondered if it was the act of cutting and sewing up a cat that made me want to lay on the ground until I watched her sew one cat and did really well until all of a sudden I wanted to be on the ground.. so I figured it was the ISO)

The surgeries are really interesting.  boys go FAST.  snip pop snip tie glue.    Even the girls went pretty quickly, the first surgeon had it down to 17 minutes per cat. 

I was there from 7:30.  People started showing up at 8:00 am  I left at 4:00 PM when the last cat was sedated and headed into surgery.  Seems like such a long day for such a small portion of the unaltered cats to be taken care of, but part of me was thrilled that 27 cats would no longer be adding to the overpopulation.

So then I got home and hung out with Peter and Tinsel.  Tinsel is turning into quite a love bug, he wants his attention and he wants a lot of it.  He's also hit that awkward teen age lanky stage, and watching him trot across the room he looks like a black panther, dragging his feet on the ground before planting them.    It is a shame he is across the room in just a few bounds, and doesn't have more room to run, but he'll be leaving at the end of the week (or maybe early next week) and HOPEFULLY his furever home will finally show up and take them home.  (and no, it is NOT going to be me.  As much as I love them, there is no more room at Chez Connie Maison des Chats)

They are both way better at taking their medication then I thought I would have a right to hope at.  It is clindamyacin and it is horribly bitter tasting.  I spend a few minutes apologizing for having to give them icky stuff but that it will help them feel better and promising them yummy food for dinner.  I went and got a bunch of shredded type canned food (they prefer that to the loaf stuff) and they seem to say "GROSS!!" after I give it to them, but they do not seem to get mad or be upset.  Peter is not a fan of it, and will let Tinsel go first, but when he sees Tinsel getting loved on, he comes over and rubs against my ankles.   I usually sit down there for an hour, and half of that is just sitting watching them play either with each other or toys.  Tinsel is partial to a little red furry mouse he bats around and grabs and carries off.  They like to come and lay on top of me for a few minutes, then jump down and play a bit, then snuggle, then play, it is rather cute.

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