Thursday, February 3, 2011

graduated to the big cage

 I stopped by to see if the boys were still there, and they were.  The staff had moved them into the larger play cage.  Peter is doing really well.  He enjoyed looking out at the people walking by, which is huge considering he started out sitting in a trash can.   Tinsel and I had some wonderful cuddle time, but I think he spent most of the day playing so by the time I got there he was content to sit off to the side.
Peter really liked this bed

I got some licks before I left
I wish this photo were a little better.  This is Milo, a big beautiful orange boy.  He's quite traumatized as he was in the home where something pretty horrid occurred.  I'm not quite sure if I am able to tell you as we are a small community and it could easily be traced.  It broke my heart to hear of what he went through, and I just wanted to take him home and foster him until he felt better.  I'm not sure another change would be good for him at this point though, so I didn't offer.  I might at some point though, if he doesn't find a home soon.

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