Sunday, February 20, 2011

quick Peter & Tinsel update

Well I wrote to the shelter and heard back this morning.  Apparently the staff did mention Tinsel's teeth and they decided they need to be looked at.  Because I was already at the shelter for an animal commuicator reading and to drop off some donations they asked if I wanted to bring them in.  So I ran home, dropped Jack off and went up to PetSmart to grab them.  An uneventful trip back to the shelter and the staff looked them over.  She originally thought that Tin might have Calcivirus because of the sores in the mouth and nose, but one look told her that wasn't it.  They will be going to the vet most likely on Tuesday.  If they don't have so many adoptions over the weekend that all slots are taken up with neuters, they might go on Monday.

They did have quite a few young small dogs ... well maybe they were just small and active, I didn't actually look at their ages.... so it probably will be Tuesday.

I did mention if they need to go back into foster care, I'm more then willing to take them

While I was there I met two kitties waiting for adoption.  One already had a home with a long time volunteer.  A 15 yr old siamese kitty who the owners no longer wanted.  She said they let their pit pulls harass her, and even said they let the dogs go after her.  sometimes I really hate people

The other was a rather large kitty.  I believe his name is Stripes, but I didn't spend a heck of a lot of time looking at the card.  I patted him, and he had a few things to say.. I think it was "spring me from this joint, I don't belong here" 

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