Monday, February 7, 2011

Peter & Tinsel

Nikki asked if Peter and Tinsel are going to go home together, and yes, they are.

Tinsel would do fine with out Peter, but Peter really needed a friend to adjust to the world and considering how well Tinsel did with him, it only seemed right that they stay together.

I know there are many homes where Peter would do just fine without Tinsel, but not knowing where they are going, I felt it was in Peter's best interest to go with a buddy he already knew - that and I felt that someone willing to adopt the pair might be more open to his cautious nature.  again, not to say that someone who isn't willing to adopt the pair isn't... Hopefully you know what I am trying to say.


I called my vet today about Jack.  He only does surgery once a week.  I thought it was Wednesdays but it is Tuesdays.  As of this morning, they only had room to fit Jack in, which is fine.  Eli and Twee can wait a while.  I am going to have to talk to them about Fleurp and her silicone issues.  I offered her a completely new source of it (a silicone oven mitt) and she was not interested.  Seems she is just likes my watch band.  If he thinks a recheck is warranted, I'll bring her in.

(edited to note that I replied to a comment to Nikki)


  1. Hi Connie, Annie's mom Kim here.

    I've already got her on marshmallow root--at least am adding to some of the canned food, who eats it is another matter. LOL.

    Also, I did take Annie back for a UA on Friday, along with follow-up blood work, and asked for a C&S. They sent the sample out to the lab, came back with no signs of bacteria at first study, so they *are* doing a culture. Results later today or possibly tomorrow. In the meantime, I do have pain meds for her, and got an appetite stimulant too, just in case. (But no, I can't give the two together--too much sedation!)

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions, much appreciated.

    If there's no bacteria growing in the culture, then I suppose the diagnosis will be idiopathic cystitis. She's already on canned food (not fond of much kibble) and I already add water to her food (she doesn't drink water), so if it's cystitis, I really don't know what else to do except what I've been doing.

    Anyway, lots of purrs and paws crossed for Peter and Tinsel and finding their forever home, Jack, and the rest of the kitty crew!

  2. Nikki7:45 AM

    That makes a lot of sense. I hope you didn't take it as a criticism, I was just curious! I really hope that both of them find a wonderful forever home together. I've fallen so in love with Peter, it breaks my heart that I can't give him a forever home. I have a soft spot in my heart for shy kitties.

    My cat at home (I just graduated and live on my own, so I don't get to see him often) is just like your Ollie was, a grumpy old man and king of the house who doesn't like being picked up or playing with toys. So your Ollie stories brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for this blog--I literally read through the archives at work when I need a pick-me-up. :)

  3. Back again to say thanks for the link at So glad I got pain meds for Annie yesterday!

    I'm glad she isn't a kibble-eater, but she doesn't drink water, either, so that's a strike against her in terms of having this recur frequently.

  4. Hi Nikki. Not offended in the least. It takes a ton to offend me :) I constantly remind myself that not everyone is like me, so I try to over qualify my statements like "I feel this way, but I know that isn't the only way"

    I've had people in the past bite my head off when I say "I feel this way"

    There are a lot of homes I would have considered sending Peter to alone. But since he couldn't go to any of you (man that would have been nice, I would have loved the constant updates) I figured best to send him into the world with a friend. I really appreciate that about the shelter I work with, they fully recognize bonded pairs, and will listen to foster homes who say "these two.." and recently with Buffy Zander and Oz "these three"...


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