Sunday, February 6, 2011

still waiting

I stopped by to see my boys this afternoon. People like them, but they are not open to a pair. *sigh* it is sad they are not in a home yet.

It is also a little concerning that Peter had a very small lump on his side. it was just south of his shoulder blade a few inches to the side of his spine. Hopefully he just bumped himself or it is a result of a vigorous play session and is not something more concerning. Fortunately the shelter staff had already noticed it, and they had made note to keep an eye on it.

Milo found himself a new home this morning. Apparently he gave Peter a nice bath before he left. I'm so happy he's found a home. Another adult cat went home just as I arrived so there are only Peter & Tinsel, another bonded pair of kittens who are on the skittish side, and a mom and her son. Peter and Tinsel are still in the large cage. The other two sets had all four cages (one on top one on bottom) open to them so they could stretch out.

I was talking to the staff member there and she was telling me about another set of kittens in foster care. Apparently there is a mom cat who freaked out so much at being a mom that she ended up "throwing the kitten across the cage" and it died. So they took the rest of the kittens away from her and are now treating them as orphans. I wish I had the ability to take orphans, but with my job it isn't really feasible.

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  1. Are Peter and Tinsel specified to be adopted only if they're together? I hope they find a home soon!!!


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