Friday, February 11, 2011

another visit

 I went back to PetSmart, and Peter and Tinsel were still there. 
Just taking a nap

me too
 How cute are they?  Apparently the PetSmart staff lets them run free during the day.  This was the first time I went in that someone wasn't already in the room.  I found staff to let me in.  It was a little amusing because once I was in there a staff member asked if I was a customer (meaning I shouldn't be in there) but since it is a locked room, I had to wonder how she thought I got in there unauthorized. 

I woke up Tinsel and gave him some love, which woke up Peter who called to me from his cage.   Made me smile.  I sat down and had kittens in my lap

I might want a lap too.. maybe...
 Peter's lump is still there.  Tinsel's gums still looked red to me, so I made a note in the log.  I'm still considering sending a note to the foster email.  I don't want to be pushy.  I have no idea if someone looked at it or not.  They are very good, so I imagine they have, but it might just be one of those minor things that keep being put off.

After a while I decided it was time to go.  Peter went back to his cage, but had a little something to say about it. 
What's up Peter?

There's someone in our cage!

Jack is doing very well.  His incision looks very good and is healing well.

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