Sunday, December 4, 2011

bad eyes get worse

Saturday morning I gave the kittens their meds and went out and about on my day.  The girl and the b&w boy had pretty bad eyes.  After I ran my errands, I went back and looked at them and their eyes were worse.  I took them in to the shelter to be looked at and we are trying a new eye ointment.  If they don't get better they will be going to the vet on Monday.  If they get dramatically worse between now and then we'll reassess and see if they need to go to the emergency clinic.

They are eating well and still play like kittens.  They still like to hang out at the heater, and sleep together, but those are typical kitten traits :)
I did up this post last night and scheduled it to post this AM, and it didn't.  Today the kits are so so.  I have one that is showing no signs of URI.  Three who had eyes glued shut - two of those had both of their eyes glued shut.  The little boy with white on his nose was the worst off, he borders on lethargic and if I don't see dramatic  improvement by tomorrow morning they are going back to the shelter to see a vet.


  1. I hope they are improving by now. Poor little guys, they really don't look well. Their eyes must be so sore. This is all taking a toll on you, I'm sure. Good luck with them. Deb=^..^=x4

  2. Big purrs and prayers for the lil tots...Would lysine help? I've heard it's good for sore eyes; and could it be feline herpes and not a bacterial infection?

  3. Poor kits. I hope that their symptoms clear up soon!

  4. Have your vet take a smear from the eyes, they can find some things under the microscope in-house (inclusion bodies, bacteria etc) or could send the swab in for a PCR analysis. Ask about chlamydophila felis

  5. Oh no! They need to get better!

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