Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trying to be Thankful Thursday

Mom, why is this door closed?
Well darlins, because we have yet another new visitor.  She's nine years old and she was surrendered by a vet tech three days ago because she is diabetic.
You put it much nicer then I could.  But the woman apparently has a baby, and the kitty apparently kept them up at night meowing (but mom we haven't heard a peep out of her in the 24 hours she has been here).  I have her vet records, and she has quite the medical history with pancreatitis and diarrhea. (she has had a lot of vet visits including an ultrasound) But she has also been eating carb heavy low quality foods. So she came home with me with just some low carb canned foods and a glucometer.. we'll see what we can do.  Her starting BG was in the 300s, I just got it and it was 174. Hopefully with less stress and some good quality food we can get those even lower.

She is freaked.  She wants to be loving, but she would really rather be hiding right now.  But she lets me test her BGs, which is awesome.  She's a little "enthusiastic" in her litter box digging and covering.

There are way too many diabetic cats waiting for homes on the diabetic kitty message board I hang out on (well I used to, and I started back since bringing her home) so I doubt I'll find her a good home unless I can get her off insulin.  *sigh*   This is the one bit that bugs me most.. when people give up "perfectly wonderful" pets because of health or behavioral issues. If the people who own and love them don't want to put up with a cat's issues, what makes them think anyone else will either??

Yes yes yes, there are rare gems of the human race who do take them in, but it is very rare, and once again there are just WAY TOO MANY... wait.. don't yell.. *deep breath*... there are just way too many cats out there needing homes.

Hopefully our little Sugarbutt (not her real name, I want to change it as the name she has ... well I think she needs something different) will find one of those blessed souls who needs her to fill a spot in their life.

Now.. introducing..
ANYTHING but "Sugarbutt" please..
She is a bit overweight.  She has almost no scruff to speak off because of it.  What is really unique about her is that her nose and her paw pads are black. I am so used to noses and paw pads on white to be pink..  She found a spot to hide last night that took us 10 minutes to find her (in one small room that was highly impressive) and then she found out she could open the closet door and is now spending most of her time in there - which I'm NOT happy about, but *shrug* that is what she wants - and at least it is easy enough to get her out when I need to test her.


  1. Oh, gees....

    What a sweetie she looks like, though. No idea on names, I figure she'll tell you.

    Bless you for taking her in to foster!

  2. Oh, bless your heart for taking her in. She must be scared and confused, but we know she is in good hands now. We too don't understand why people surrender their pets when they develop a medical issue.

    When I saw her photo, the first name that popped into my head was Delilah.

  3. Oh, poor little Not-Sugarbutt! She's in excellent hands now, thank goodness :)

  4. Anonymous10:59 PM

    You are so wonderful for giving this beautiful girl a home :o)
    Tis the season!!!
    Happy Holidays! =^..^=

  5. We wish you and Not-S-B much love and hope she will soon see that she doesn't have to hide ;-) She's very pretty!

  6. Oh bless her, hopefully with your help controlling her weight and diet it should help lessen the symptons of her diabetes? (I'm not that knowledgeable on the illness but I'm assuming being overweight won't be helping).

  7. Poor kitty! She has so much against her! The mom had a diabetic kitty who was on insulin and he could never be regulated. His sugar was different at the vets than at home. They probably have better ways of doing it now, this was the 80's.

  8. really - a vet tech? cause of diabetes??? sheesh..... may she get coal for Christmas.

    We are glad the new baby is safe with you!!!

  9. Wilhelma11:26 AM

    Hmm a vet tech that don't know about proper feeding of a cat, I'm not a vet tech but have a advanced diploma in agricultur and I know that balanced quality food is the best.

    BTW. I think she look like a Sally or Sandra. Good luck with finding a good home (I know you will :) )
    Happy Holidays to your family and all the beautiful kitties


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