Thursday, December 29, 2011


I reported back to the shelter on Bea's health issues and her not eating well, and they advised me to force feed her and if she wasn't eating on her own in the AM to bring her in.

Last night I force fed her.  She's so good that she lets me, but she doesn't like it and she tires of it easily.  I got a few ounces in her, but I could tell it was depressing her. I tried new foods, but only gave her a bit so I didn't waste the whole can (we got the left overs ~The Crew)  I had tried warming the food, and I tried stinky food, but I didn't try out and out seafood.  All we had in the house was a can of clams.  That wasn't appreciated (but we oh so appreciated those left overs!!! ~The Crew) and so we went out and got straight up tuna fish (want Want WANT!!!!) and that got her eating on her own.  She ended up eating about half of the can.

Her weight was 11lbs 6 oz but this morning was 11lbs 8, so we are holding off on taking her in.  She was very snuffily last night, so I am going to assume this is a case of she just couldn't smell the food and she wasn't going to just take my word for it that it was food. 

Fingers crossed her nose clears up and she starts eating well on her own again.  Her blood sugars are running in the 300 area, and we are holding off on insulin until she gets well.  It is a far better option to leave her high for a long period of time then to risk it going too low for even a moment.  Hypoglycemia can kill, hyperglycemia does damage but it takes a long time.


  1. purrs to you all....we hope she is less stuffed up soon!!

  2. Hi "cassy/connie" I marked your comments on my site as spam. You basically regurgitated the same bygone rhetoric and I do not want that nonsense on my post.

    As far as urinary tract problems in cats The additives in commercial cat food even the best outweigh the amount of additives in vegan cat food. Like I mentioned meat loses taurine during the rendering process, so ALL taurine found in cat food is synthetic.

    I mentioned in the post that my cat is sated after a meal, somehow you manage to compare this to being comparable to eating a plate of brownies. That was a bad analogy, and here's why: if a person subsisted on a plate of brownies with out getting the proper nutrition they would become lethargic and most likely hungry all the time, why? because they're not receiving the proper nutrition. Simple right?

    Also a domestic cats diet does not consist of small animals, but rather cows, chickens, turkey, grain..see what I'm getting at? Commercial cat food is not the norm.

    As far as coconut oil, this is nothing new. Both dog and cat owners are seeing the visible benefits.

    The proof is in the pudding. I have read a quite a few testimonials of cat owners that have had tremendous success with feeding their cats a vegan diet for years. Who am I to argue?

    Remember science is progressive and you appear to be regressing.

  3. FYI, the "Lisa" comment above came from Lisa who publishes a blog who I found because she did a post about Coconut oil for cats and dogs. Being a huge fan of coconut oil, I wanted to read it (I'm not sure it will do any good for my cats as they are strict carnivores and coconut oil is plant based, but I am interested in reading stories from people who use it and am open to having my mind changed - heck I want to have my mind changed on this one...)

    One comment on the post was from a woman named "Cassie" who talked about vegan diets for cats but it was deleted by the time I got there and I only saw Lisa's reply to Cassie.

    I saw that Lisa had a post about how she put her cats on a vegan diet.

    She seems to have read the info from the pet food company she was buying the food from, and testimonials (from the website?? or were there more?? she didn't say) and of course I had to try to share what I had learned about feline nutrition with my own crew. I probably should have kept my mouth shut, because I don't believe Lisa is ready to believe that vegan companies can be the same as the regular standard corporations and their desire to sell you a product and make money. But I didn't know that at the time and hoped she might be up to doing a bit more reading on the subject (and I gave her a whole slew of links)

    Apparently she doesn't believe the scientists that have labled cats obligate carnivores, or the studies on feline nutrition by Dr. Pottenger or Lisa Pierson DVM or Elizabeth Hodgkins DVM. or maybe she just doesnt want to.

    Talking to someone who does not want to listen is an exercise in futility I know. I can only hope I am wrong and my reply to her comment that I sent to her via email is met with an open mind.


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