Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kitten update

I"m sorry for the lack of pictures - quite sorry when you hear how cute they are being - but I've been a little more concerned about giving them all the love they can soak up while they aren't feeling well.  I grabbed a shot this morning, but it is stuck on my camera at home.  I'll try to get some more tonight and share with you tomorrow.

So we last left it with they were sleepy and sneezy.. Now we have snotty and goobery.  :(  several eyes look completely inflammed and red is visable while looking at them.  The little black and white one (dubbed Oscar at the moment) has a red third eye lid and he looks very odd.  He does not let that stop him for a second though.  He is all boy and all play.  DH introduced him to the feathered toy last night and he became all teeth and claws and growl.  It was downright adorable - I know I know, not the word he was going for, but I just find that so endearing.

The girl worried me for a bit.  When I walked in last night there were four kittens in the kitten basket (yes, I almost fell over from the overwhelming cuteness) and Oscar was on the cat bed near by.   The tiger boys jumped out and came to see us, but she just hung out sleeping in the basket.  I called to her and she moved thank goodness or I would have freaked and thought she died.  Eventually I got up and picked up the basket and she just remained in her half seated half laying pose as if she was destined to be carried around in a basket like Cleopatra. I checked her over and she seemed fine, and a few minutes later she was wrestling around with her brothers.  Eventually they all wrestled or played with a toy or both, so my fears were eased a bit.  One boy is pretty bad, and this morning he seemed a bit dehydrated so I've got a note into the shelter asking if I can bring home some fluids or if they would prefer to see them.

The mom seems at the end of her rope with nursing.  She'll still do it, but she's often not happy about it.  One of the tiger trio is constantly trying to nurse from her, even when she is eating.  She keeps moving and he keeps trying - he is a very persistent little boy.  I'm glad the three tigers are distinct enough from one another that I can tell them apart, but not unless I can see them head on.  Their tushies are all very similar.  One doesn't have white feet, the other two have white feet and white chin and cheeks, but one has it up his nose as well.

Yesterday morning when I went to see them all five of them were piled up on top of the round cat tower.. (the short green one) I have no idea how they tetris-ed themselves into position so no one fell, but it was the cutest five headed kitten pile I've ever seen.   Later that evening they were all sleeping on my lap, and I needed DH to rescue me so I could go to bed.   Then yesterday night was the basket incident.  Which is why I brought the camera down with me this morning.  Oscar was on the couch, the princess was in the cat bed and three kittens were in the basket.   I hope they aren't this snuggly because they aren't feeling well and stop it once they are better because this is just too friggen cute!!!

I really don't like having kittens so sick and not having names. I told DH to name this bunch, and he started coming up with Edge and Bono - which I vetoed.    I called the white nosed one Elmo and he seemed to like it, but then when I tried it again it didn't seem right.  (which is how the black and white one became Oscar.. he was all growly at the toy)

Mom feels like a Nala, but then she looks like a Raven with her sleek black fur that shines.. aaargh.. names.. the worst part of the job.  after 250 kitties, you'd think I'd be good at this.


  1. I think the naming gets HARDER the longer you do it. :)

    Hope the snotty kittens are feeling better is so hard to see them not feel good. Though I have to agree that tiny growly kittens are seriously adorable!!

  2. After 250 kittens, we're surprised you haven't just gone with numbers. Haha.

    Purrs that the babies feel better soon and paws crossed for an overload of cute pics. :-)

  3. We hope the little kitties will be alright. We hate hearing little ones are sick, they are so vulnerable. Hoping to see pix soon!


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