Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Yes, I'm funny, and no, that isn't the name I've settled for her yet.

I finally worked through the mountain of paperwork (aka her vet records) and it seems she was diagnosed with diabetes a little over a year ago.  There is a history of her being treated (and some history of her not treating the kitty)  I was saddened to read the continued choice of high carb food despite the ultrasound vet suggesting a diet more in lines with the most current recommendations.

So I've been able to stop editing myself when thinking about her past, and gave some credit to her previous owner.  I don't always succeed in the "don't judge people unless you have walked a mile in their shoes".. (and I'm seriously working on that - not only in my own thoughts, but how I project, which I've come to realize can come off a lot more judgmental then I even considered meaning.. ) 

Well anyway.  Enough of her past.  *big deep cleansing breath*  I'm sure Sweetness is happy that her previous owner chose to surrender her instead of putting her down, so we are just going to focus on that she is here now and let everything else go.
I think she approves.

Her sugars were a little too high for my tastes on 1.5u of insulin, so we have gone back to two.  She stopped eating the food she had, so I bough a few choices for her, she has lost a smidge of weight, but I fear that was more because she wasn't eating well, so I'll officially report on her weight in a few days.

I did want to share my trip to the shelter on Christmas Eve.  I had to stop in and I was amazed to see there were only about 20 cats up for adoption.  There were a few more waiting to go on the adoption floor, but it was so nice to see it so empty.  There was one little calico who called to me wanting attention, so I went to give it to her.  She couldn't get enough, and it saddened me to leave her there.  I know the staff and volunteers would be in to care for them, but there would be no foot traffic for her, or any of the others, to get attention and lovins from.  I'm so going to have to make it a point to go in sometime this week and love on her again... although considering what a communicator she is, I doubt she'll be there for long.


  1. oh, she is such a sweetie! Despite her past, you are doing everything right for her now and she is going to improve in your care.

  2. She looks like a happy girl! So lucky you came into her life!

  3. What a beautiful little kitty.
    I saw your comment on The Cat Blogosphere yesterday and posted it today.
    We will be happy to feature your kitties who are looking for homes.
    Love your blog, too.
    Mom ML & KC

  4. Although Sweetness is a very cute name, perhaps it's not the best one for a kitty with diabetes. LOL! Whatever her name, Sweetness is certainly a very pretty litty ladycat. Of course, I'm partial to tuxies because I have one of my own -- Dante's sister, Domino.

    You are such a good PURRson, Connie! You certainly put your money where your mouth is.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you only good health and good fortune in the year to come (as well as all your furry little PURRotoges).

    By the way, I just love it when you gush over Dante. So don't stop! Thanks.

  5. Sweetness is a cute name we think. Hope you can get her on the right diet. I have a cat here that is really really fat, and I need to find some food for her that is low in carbs. Wonder if there is any dry food low in carbs. I sure would like to find some. This cat needs to find a home too since there are so many cats here and she eats all their food. Thanks for coming by our blog.


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