Thursday, December 29, 2011

Update on the kittens

Well the kittens have slowly been getting over the URI they came with.  We have a runny eye here a sneeze there.  They probably could have gone back before now, but A) I was selfish B) they had soft stools and C) there is a coworker of DH that might be interested in one.. so I've been holding on to them.

Well the other day while scooping the litter boxes, one of the kittens came and left a deposit.  This is not a rare occurrence.  They seem to enjoy trying to fill it as I'm trying to empty it (and lest you think they are enjoying using cleaned litter, they generally use a box I haven't scooped yet) but this one came with a special "gift".  This little pile came with an additional "friend" and thus I learned they had tape worms.  (one great big collective EEEEWWW!!!)

So we got pills and yesterday morning they got it. I was so pleased at not only how well they took it, but my skill in giving it. (not sure who I was prouder of)  I figured this would help clear up the loose stools and would also help them recover from the URI (because worms eat up the nutrients the kittens need to get healthy)  Last night they were eating like champs and doing well.

I have been noticing that Murray is very much a "momma's boy".  He still nurses over eating, and runs to her when ever he can.  I feel bad that he is most likely going to have to face life with out her really soon, so I decided to try to break him of nursing.  I got some bitter ointment and put just a dab on each of her nipples.  As soon as Clair's feet hit the floor Murray ran right to her, but he stopped short.  Even that small amount of ointment changed the way she smelled.  He was reluctant to continue forward until she gave him a little lick.  He got closer and realized the milk bar was closed, and I felt so sad for him.  But this morning I was able to walk right up to him and pat him, so I'm thinking I made the right decision.  The ointment probably didn't last the night, but hopefully it was enough to break him of that first impulse.

Someone also vomited last night.  Not sure if it was because of the ointment or the medication.  But no one seemed the worse for it.  They certainly enjoyed watching me clean up the floor..

And on the best news yet, we have someone coming to check out the kittens tonight.  They lost their kitty a while ago and are ready to add to their family.  They know they have to go through the shelter and pay their fees (at least I hope they know about the fee bit) and are just coming to scope them out.  Not sure if they will absolutely take one or not.  And there is also talk of someone else possibly being interested.  fun fun!!

I'm guessing they will be with me another week, and then most likely the foster room will be "closed" (well except for the fact of Bea) until Spring.  The shelter does get kittens all year long, but not nearly as many during the cold cold snow filled (well usually snow filled) winters and the staff usually can take care of them.  I'm sure The Crew will greatly appreciate having me all to themselves this winter. (well except for Bea)

I'm sure I'll get kitten fever many times over the winter with all the wonderful kitten blogs I follow.

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  1. Oh man, of all the stuff I deal with fostering, the tapeworms skeeve me out the most. The sinking feeling when you spot the first one ...

    I hope all your little ones find new homes soon!


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