Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Name!!

Well I have settled on what I will call this beautiful girl kitty.. Beatrice!!  :) Which I shall pronounce Be-AH-trice. I think it fits her wonderfully and it honors my internet crush  (I've come to accept the fact that Wendy is going to think I'm looney)

Well Beatrice isn't doing so well.  You wouldn't know it to look at her. She is happy and purrs louder then a motorboat.  She makes biscuits while standing and is perfectly content flomping over and letting you rub her belly.  She also wants out of the room she is in (next week once the kittens go back she'll move down there - it will be better then the office)


She's not eating. She came to me eating dry food and a scoop of canned as a treat for being tested.  Well I don't do dry so we just gave her the canned, and she loved it.  Then after a few cans she slowed down and wasn't eating as much, then barely at all.  I tried a few other types of canned food which garnered more interest - but wasn't eaten enthusiastically.  Turkey which was inhaled on Christmas day was also ignored - which I then knew we had a problem.  I tried meat baby food - also a no go.  She wants to eat.  She sniffs everything I offer her, but because she is snuffily, I am assuming she can't smell it as food (I even tried warming it up and offering really smelly stuff too)  I force fed her last night.  She was nice enough about it, but I could tell it wore her out.  This morning I tried a few new foods, even offered dry (I have it for the kittens since I can't control what they will eat in their new home, I like to prepare them for anything).  Still no interest.  So emailed the shelter, and if she isn't eating tonight I am to force feed her again and bring her there in the AM so the vet can check her out. 

She's lost about a quarter pound last time I weighed her (hey, maybe I should go get her a quarter pounder.. ha ha ha) and with her history of pancreatisis, I'm just not going to risk it.


  1. Poor Beatrice (great name)... we hope it is nothing serious and her nose can get cleared up so she eats again....

  2. We're purring that Beatrice will start eating again.

  3. Great name! I hope she starts eating soon. She sounds like such a sweetie.


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