Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Ok, so they aren't all that interested in telling me their names.  I'm sure I'm not high up on their list of fun people right now because of all the medicating, so I'll just have to give them SOMETHING.

Lets see.. we could do  Sookie, Arlene, Jason, Bill, Eric, & Cedric
Or we could do Claire, Brianna, Mackenzie, Frazier, Murry, Duncan
I googled four boys two girls and got Grayson, Vance, Gavin, Ozzie, Eliza and Nolia


Frost, Klaus, Nick, Noel, Holly, Carol ?? 

Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Comet ... no wait, I used those for bunnies a few years ago..

Jack, Zero, Sally, Lock, Shock and Barrel 

Clarice, Cornelius, Moonracer, Hermey, Fireball, Bumble???  aargh, only one female character in that one, suppose the little tortie girl could be Fireball, which she so is..

I doubt they will be holiday kittens though so I don't know if I should go that route.. I know they are most likely not going to keep their names, but some do.  I like to be respectful when naming kittens.. and I wouldn't mind a good set of triplet names for the three tiger boys even though they don't really look all that much a like.

Votes? Ideas?


  1. I kinda like Mackenzie or Tom, hehe.

    We often think how hard it is to name kitties or doggies, especially when you don't have a whole lot of time to think. We enjoy the themed ones like candies, or comic book characters, you know, names like that. Sometimes names influence success at adoption in shelters. I read in Chicken Soup how a woman named a black cat Jelly Bean and she was adopted right away.

    Let's see triplet names for three tiger boys: Tom, Trout,and Tuffie. We haven't met them, but we're willing to give this a try!!

    Good luck--maybe get hold of a baby name book?

    Tom & Julie

  2. This is so hard. I will relate my favorite naming story: I had been trying to find the right foster group to use this one on and it didn't happen but kittens large enough for the adoption floor came in and I was helping that day. The first male was Butch, the calico female was Cassidy and the orange male tabby was Sundance. Get it?? I laughed all day long....

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I love the Christmas names! I think you should go for reindeer names ;o)

  4. I really like the Scottish-sounding names, i.e., Claire, Brianna, Mackenzie, Frazier, Murry and Duncan. They are very classy names yet not ones you hear all the time.

    Efurry kitty needs a PURRoPURR name. Please let us know what you have chosen.

    Oh, and Connie -- you said you wanted more of Dante -- well, your wish is his command. Go and see.

  5. Your 'Frazier' gave me an idea. How about something holiday oriented, yet respectfully "real"? Choose from Christmas tree names:

    m-Fraser (Fir)
    m-Douglas (Fir)
    f-Virginia (Pine)
    m/f-Leyland (Cypress)
    m-Noble (Fir - and also my uncle)
    f-Carolina (Pine)
    m-Scotty (Scotch Pine)
    m-Norfolk (Island Pine)
    f-Deodora (Cedar)
    m/f--Ari (Arizona Cypress)

  6. Huey, Dewey, and Louey for the triplets might work, only they're not ducks.


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