Saturday, December 10, 2011

That Time of Year

It is once again that most wonderful time of the year when we decorate the house with the joy of the season.

Are you kitties ready to decorate the tree?
this one?
No you silly kitties.. not that one.
Don't mess too much with this one, we like this one
No no, not that one.. this one..
Hey, we remember that thing.
Yup.  Time to decorate the tree.  I had to take a few minutes to remember Ollie.  He LOVED the tree so much.  He loved the real trees we used to have, and he didn't seem to mind when we got the artificial one a few years ago.  Each kitty has their "thing" and Ollie's was the Christmas tree.  I think the kitties took some time to remember him too, because each one spent some time sitting under the tree like he used to both pre and post decoration... but maybe he just wouldn't really let them before and now they could?  *shrug* 

Um, Mom, what are you doing with our toys?
OMC... Dad is so cool!!
I want this one. No I want this one..
OK Muffin, you sit on those and we'll just take this time to put our silly reindeer hat on ALL the kitties.. You included..
Kit is used to clothing..
She knows just how to pose
Jack however was just so excited he wouldn't sit still
After a little distraction with the hat, Muff vacated the toys and we were able to decorate. Jack was so excited, he cooed and squeaked and rolled around on the cat tree the entire time. When I was growing up, I have fond memories of decorating the tree with home made ornaments and ornaments that resembled toys.  I loved playing with them, but I remember not really being allowed to.  Once I got out on my own, I bought ornaments I liked, but they are a lot of work to unpack and pack, and then I have to worry about the cats wanting to play with them and possibly damaging them.  Since the  cats are in the house 24/7 it only seemed fair to bring their wants and needs into our holiday decorating.  and along that line, that giant pile of toys turned into this..

And the tree turned into this
the blue toy was Twee's first toy - a gift from someone who met her, the cheezburger should be self explainatory
I enjoy sitting in that chair and reading
Looks like Fleurp is about to cause the first casualty
Why yes, yes she is
Whatcha going after Fleurp?
Jack's Fishie is the first to hit the floor
and so it begins (and that is OK)
this photo makes me laugh
And to make the night extra special the kitties got some canned food.  DH picked up something because he wasn't listening to me and it was not something I would approve of, but I figured one meal of "junk" food wouldn't kill them and they would love it, and they so did.  We feed off two communal plates and the "alphas" eat out in the kitchen and the "betas" eat in the laundry area.  (that's because the kitchen plate goes down first)  Apparently the lure of the food was stronger then the hierarchy in the household

Except for Twee and Skippy
The next morning.. notice there are toys above the height of a standing cat

It makes me smile because it is so unique, and it makes me laugh, because they enjoy it so.  After I took these last photos I tried to put the ornaments back on the tree.  Fleurp was right there having fun knocking them off again..   Now, to find their stockings and hang them on the railing with care (cause there are just too many to fit on the fake fireplace mantel we have)


  1. That is the MOST FABULOUS tree in the world! What a great idea to decorate with cat toys. Pure genius and the photos are wonderful, too.

  2. LOVE the photos! What an absolutely brilliant idea. Maybe next year I'll try it...though the boys have left the tree alone this year, happily!

  3. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I love this idea. The tree is great. I always put fabric or plastic on the bottom. But cat toys WOW

  4. Oh how I love love love this idea for tree decorations!! Mr Darcy and Sookie love to swat at the baubles on our tree so I'm pretty sure they'd be over to yours in a flash if they could... they'd be in seventh heaven :)

  5. No wonder you think putting up a big tree when I have a kitten in the house is fun! That's fabulous! This is one I will definitely pass around to friends.

  6. You guys have the pawsomest tree ever!


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