Friday, December 23, 2011

Secret Santa

I love the cat blogosphere.. :) this year I signed up to a Secret Santa exchange, and our package arrived yesterday.    I didn't have the time to open it and take pictures yesterday as it was my 21st wedding anniversary, so we put it on hold (ok so we stuck it in the closet so it wouldn't be molested) and opened it this afternoon.

Gracie from sent it to us. and it garnered a lot of attention
what? ~Eli

That's much better :)  So I opened it up..

And took out the contents..
And there was much rejoicing.  I loved that everything was wrapped individually, made for a lot of fun unwrapping :)
THIS ONE!! open this one first Mom!! ~Jack
mmm this smells good ~Jack
Yup, we all love this one ~Muffin
big surprise.. it is treats.. :)
This one rattles ~Jack
White!  i like white.. ~Jack
Is there one in there for me Momma? ~Skippy
I like this..  ~Skippy
Is this one for me Momma? ~Fleurp

Is this one mine? ~Eli
What's in there??  ~Muffin
FISHIES!!!  Jack loves his fishie, hopefully that one can retire and he'll love these.
Oh Momma, stop with the flashie thing and just open them up!!

If you didn't notice, Twee never showed up to partake in the fun.. I went in search of her and found her..
I don't do "secrets"
Honey, that's just a term.. there is nothing secret about it... well that Twee, she's a little "special".  Don't worry, she'll have lots of fun with the laser mouse during our next play session :)

Thank you Gracie!!


  1. Wow, what a fabulous Secret Paws package! We hope the gifts amuse everyone for at least fifteen minutes. Ha. :-)

    Belated happy anniversary, and a very merry Christmas to you all.

    Wishing you a new year filled with laughter, Light and love!

  2. That was so nice of Gracie and her human wrap everything individually! My lazy human dumped our secret paws gifts into a box with some tissue paper and mailed it off. Happy holidays!

  3. What pawsome presents! Some of ours from our Secret Paws was wrapped and some was not. We did not wrap any of ours because Mommy and Daddy was mailing them across the border and yous cant take wrapped presents over the border. The guards laugh cus they knows all about me!


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