Monday, December 12, 2011

fly by update

Skippy is doing much better.  He came out for treats the day after the trip to the vet and we noticed him eating the day after (not that he didn't eat before that, but sometimes he is sly and waits for the other cats to finish) I have to be very careful when pilling him.  He is very much a beta kitty and if any other cat is interested in treats he is given he gives up and lets them have it.  I prefer he eat something after I pill him to make sure the pills don't get stuck in his throat.  Also, after I man handle him to get the pill down his throat he doesn't really trust me when I give him a treat.. so he sniffs and sniffs and contemplates and by the time he has decided this isn't a trick someone else has come to see what he has and that's that.  So now I give him a treat first, THEN pill him, THEN give him a second treat.  Seems to work well enough.

Brianna's got 1.5 eyeballs now.. it is very encouraging.  The good eye still has some inflammation, but I can only see it when I look for it.  The eyeball that was hidden is now  halfway visible.  I'm sure she is going to make a full recovery right quick. 

The kittens are so full of "go" now, it is hard to get photos of them.  They didn't stop once during the half hour visit last night.  They had a blast playing kitten soccer last night with a ping pong ball and belled ball.  They also really love the crinkle tube I brought home for them.  Duncan LOVES it..


  1. It took me a moment to get the "1.5 eyeballs" -- Monday afternoon foggy brain. LOL.

    This is good news re: Brianna and Skippy--continued purrs for their recovery!

  2. Anonymous6:57 PM

    So good to hear things are looking up!

  3. Purring for them both. I understand the Skippy maneuvers. Annie is just like that.


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