Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Skipper and Tipper

I was watching the news this morning, and I heard an incredibly heart warming and at the same time absolutely horrific story about a dog and the two kittens he rescued. I do not use the word horrific lightly.. if you have any sort of sensitivity to this sort of thing, I highly recommend you NOT read the full story
Reagan the Hero .  Image from http://www.newsoxy.com
From the news accounts I've seen and read, the owner is not identified other then "Kerry".  Not sure if that image is really of Reagan or not.  But hopefully it is, and she feels full force all of our love for what she did.

She was out and about and found a Meow Mix bag on the side of the road.  She brought it home and whined until her owner opened it up.  In it she found (and here is the horrific part edited out) Skipper and Tipper clinging to life.  The news said they were nursed to health and are now up for adoption at Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary (you can read their story here )

People are trying to give the benefit of the doubt to the person who stuck the kittens in that bag and abandoned them to the fate they had.  I am sorry.  There is NO justification for sticking helpless kittens in a bag and sealing it shut.  None.  You will never convince me otherwise.  I would counter with it would have been more humane to simply let them out once you got there if some how every other argument of finding a better option was some how defeated.  My dear sweet, not a single mean bone in his body, who is strong in his Christian faith to the point even I roll my eyes sometimes (not that I don't love him for it) actually said who ever did it should be put to sleep.

My heart and soul aches, because I know this sort of thing happens WAY too frequently.  I do hope the police do something to try to figure out who did this and I pray that ... well heck, I find it easier just to pray and leave this one to God and be thankful that Skipper and Tipper are doing well.


  1. Thank heaven for the nose of a dog!! We agree - for people who do this, the punishment should fit the crime.

  2. Those poor poor kittens, thank god that dog found them and that the owner Kerry was strong enough to get over the shock and help them.

    There should be much stronger laws in place to punish those who do such unspeakable acts.

  3. Nope. Not giving the person the benefit of the doubt... I'm with you there. You do not stuff kittens into a bag of catfood and dump them, especially where they can be run over by cars. Completely unforgiveable and unacceptable.

  4. Anonymous2:13 AM

    The bag was not "sealed" shut, that is a reporting error, but the kittens were in the bag crying and traumatized.


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