Monday, December 5, 2011

Trip to the vet

Well this morning I couldn't see the little tortie's eyes at all, so I packed her and her brother who was the worst off and dropped them off at the shelter.  Fortunately all the boys seem to be on the mend.  The B&W's eyes while red and inflamed were not nearly as bad as they had been, and the boy I took with the girl who was miserable and pathetic was happier and more active.  Still thin and bone-y but his eyes were open and definitely on the mend.

Lysine.. yes, lysine is helpful for URI when it is viral.  Lysine blocks the absorption of arginine which promotions the replication of the virus..  But arginine is an important amino acid and I'm not a fan of using lysine with out giving standard antibiotics a short first.  Since we have some great improvement with the others, I'm holding off, but I do have some in case things change.

As for doing a smear of the eyes - oh how I wish we could.  While the shelter is well enough off, there are limited funds.

They are now on Zithromax and terramycin and pure lube to keep the eyes from drying out.  The shelter mentioned they seem to have this going around this year.  It seems to come in waves.

When I finally got them home Mom licked them up and then let everyone nurse for a while.  Everyone but the B&W were playing, but he ate, so I'm not going to stress over that one - yet. 

and OMC these kittens need names!!!


  1. Fingers crossed that everytot feels better tomorrow!

  2. Paws crossed here too.

    We didn't know that about Lysine, we thought it just bound itself to the herpes virus molecules to lessen the duration and severity of the symptoms. The mom's never read that it also blocks absorption of arginine--she'd never ever heard of arginine. Interesting!

    Mind you, antibiotics aren't going to do anything for a virus anyway, as far as we know. Only for a bacterial infection. Though we imagine it might be better to cover all the bases with kittens.

    Purrs for the babies to be better soon!

  3. Yup. Antibiotics wouldn't have an effect on a virus, but I wouldn't be shocked if this were chlamydia as mentioned by Terri, which is bacterial, and even if it is viral, the antibiotics keep secondary infections away while the virus runs it's course.

    I was quite surprised how lysine worked, when I did some reading on it, because I was always told it was an 'immune booster' - which it is not. It is a great supplement when needed, and has helped a lot of animals and people.

  4. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Oh how stressful this must be on you!
    Well wishes for the kitties! =^..^=

  5. Oh, I hope they are better soon. They are in good hands with you.


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