Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Endings

Do you remember a while back when Apple, Pumpkin and Cherry went to the shelter and I took a photo of some kittens and one had lost its eyes?

Well they healed up well and were named Killian and Conner.  The local news outlet did a bit on them, it's really cute.  Sadly I can't embed it here, but you can view it over on their website

From their website:
Seeing Eye Cat Helps Blind Brother
Seeing eye dogs are a big help to people who have lost their eye sight. Now one kitty in West Kennebunk is helping his brother get around after losing both of his eyes because of an infection.

Killian and Connor play just like normal brothers.

Megan Arsenault, Animal Care Technician, "It's amazing how well adjusted."

It's surprising because even though four month old Killian pushes Connor out of the way to eat, Killian is blind.

Dr. Stephen Askin, a veterinarian at the Spay/Neuter Clinic at the Animal Welfare Society in West Kennebunk, says, "Over my career I've seen four or five where I've had to take both eyes."

Dr. Askin removed Killian's eyes at the end of May shortly after he and his littermates were surrendered by owners who couldn't care for them.

Dr. Askin says, "Up close he wasn't responding to any of the exam so I think he was pretty close to being totally bind anyway."

Dr. Askin thinks Killian had a herpes virus that attacked the eyes.  But he's bounced back and it may be partly because of his seeing eye cat, his brother,  Connor.

Arsenault says, "I think he does just fine on his own but does super well with his litter mates helping him out."

As they hang out together, you can tell while Connor is watching with his eyes, Killian is reaching out with his other senses trying to figure out what's going on around him.

Arsenault says, "I think he uses his whiskers and his sense of hearing and his other senses...unless you look closely you really wouldn't know he is missing two eyes and gets around just fine and is a normal, healthy cat."

And his brother treats him like one having no problem stealing his toy.

Killian and Connor have found a wonderful home together.  A volunteer at the animal society adopted them both so they will be able to grow up together.  All their littermates have now been adopted but there are still many cats at the Animal Welfare Society looking for a great family to take them home.Seeing Eye Cat Helps Blind Brother


  1. Oh yeah, I'm so glad they are doing well and they found a home together. Thank you for posting this update. It's nice to know what happens.

  2. This is such a heartwarming story. I am so glad they went together and so impressed by their bond.

  3. We are so glad that these two got adopted together!


  4. We are really glad they weren't separated and can now be together forever!


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