Monday, June 25, 2012

Stars in my eyes




So on my birthday my wonderful husband suggested one of two options of things to do, one of which included going to the local drive in.  Since we are currently dealing with the longest days of the year and going to the drive in usually involves not getting home till way too late. (next month is much more reasonable)

So I opted to go to the matinee.

yea... well... turns out Christian Slater was at the drive in that night.  Yes, THAT Christian Slater.  And if you don't know who he is, then may I kindly suggest you get some sort of electrical device that shows moving pictures and watch Bed of Roses or Untamed Heart or Star Trek!!

I don't know what's worse, that he was there and I missed my chance to go, or the possibility of going and to have missed seeing him if I had been with in 20 feet of him.  I'm going to go with it was better to have missed it all together.

So the chatter on the subject said that someone saw him in the local grocery store.  Then someone said he rescued a duck.. (OMG *swoon* he rescued a duck!!)

Yea, now I'm just feeling silly swooning over such a thing.  I mean seriously he's just a guy.  A cute guy, a guy who plays cute funny guys in TV and Movies.. and occasionally plays an action hero type guy)  I'm a Mainer.. I shouldn't get all wishy washy over such things..


then someone said he bought a home near by..

OMG he bought a house on the beach where I got engaged!!!  A beach less then a mile from where I grew up with.. aaaaaaahhh!!!

(breathe Connie, just breathe.. seriously, getting all swoonie over a guy you saw on TV once.. this is just silly)

Yea, but silly can be a good thing every once in a while.  Now stalk-y, that would be bad.  no walking back and forth past his million dollar home hoping to get a glimpse..

but forgive me if I sit here and hope one day he decides to adopt a kitten on one of those rare days my kittens are sitting at the shelter waiting to be adopted.  I mean he saved a duck, he must like animals.. and kittens are animals..

(let the laughing begin)


  1. wow..... we gots our paws crossed for your kittens. MOL

  2. You are hilarious, Connie! For your sake, we hope Christian decides to visit the shelter while you are there and adopts one of your fosters AND asks you to help settle the foster into his multi-million home. Yeah!!! MOL.

  3. from your lips ...

    I swear I won't be so giddy about this in a few hours, but right now I'm not hurting anyone and it's kinda fun to dream..

  4. LOL! We think you should look him up on Facebook and post a link to your bloggie. Can't hurt. :-)

  5. I think that is cool! You could always rent a duck and take it for a walk on the beach!

  6. met Christian Slater. Though I think if my bf meets him he would ask him why he seemed to always appear in bad movies lately. My bf is a fan of bad movies. Yeah, I know it's a very weird hobby.

    I'll be back,


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