Saturday, June 2, 2012

What is that?!?!?

Seriously, what is all that noise going on over there???
Well sweethearts, in a couple of weeks you are going to get some friends to play with..
*hiss* *hiss* *spit*
Well, we need to get them to relax first.. three weeks old and full of fear at this point.  We have two boys (B&W and Grey) and one girl (solid black) the B&W is shorter haired, but not exactly short haired... but maybe a fluffy short hair.  it is really sweet.  The two solid colored ones are fluffies..

Neither set has been tested for Felv/Fiv, so we are going to wait to introduce them until the new guys are 6 weeks and can be officially tested (there are a few reasons for waiting until then, but all end in the fact that waiting till six weeks gives a more accurate reading)   S&S haven't been tested yet either, but I think I'm going to wait until I have to bring the new guys in because there is no rush and they are in good health (for the most part)

S&S have started showing signs that they are progressing.  Simon started washing his own foot (THANK GOODNESS!!) and both of them actually played with toys (prior to this it was they would bat at it and lose interest)  When I was taking to the shelter they mentioned they are now six weeks old.  They are an incredibly young six weeks.  Normally they are eating well on their own (and not getting it all over themselves) cleaning themselves and playing for extended periods of time.  So they are a little slow, that's OK..


  1. Whoa! More boys? We hope they aren't messy boys. Heehee.
    Poor little solid black girl is going to be outnumbered!

  2. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Oh wow Connie, they are beautiful. Just gorgeous.

    Connie, I hope it's ok if I ask you a question here? I left a message the other day on another post saying I had jut brought home my first foster. It's been one week now, and Ace is a 4 month old URI kitten. He is almost better, so I will have him until the nd of June, when he will get neutered, and then come back with me for a week. Then he goes off to PetsMart (this rescue I volunteer for uses PetsMart and other pet stores for adoption).

    I'm feeling kind of anxious about this already. I am already owned by a sweet dog, and decided to foster cats to help out - and I CANNOT comfortably own another pet. But I feel so worried about him going to that cage until he gets adopted, and so worried that someone who doesn't deserve him will adopt him. How do you get past these concerns? How do you not fall in love with every foster? My dog and I have already fallen in love with Ace - and I'm so afraid I'm going to be grieving when he leaves me. And he HAS to leave, he cannot be a foster failure.

    Any words of advice? :(

    Thanks for letting me vent. Jane (and Rudy my sweet sweet chi and Ace the most adorable, sweet kitty ever)

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM

    PS, if it's ok I would love to share a video of Rudy and Ace playing. Feel free to remove this comment if this isn't the place for it, with my apologies. Jane

  4. Hi Jane,

    I don't mind the share of the video at all, it is adorable!

    You really should email me (see the side bar) so we can be a little more direct.

    But basically two things stick in my head when I want to keep a foster kitten at this point (and note all seven of my cats were fosters at one point) a) the health and well being of my current cats. They are in a delicate balance right now and I don't want to throw another personality into the mix. Financial issues are also very important. Annual vet visits for the crew run about $500, not to mention the dentals that need to be done routinely and issues that pop up like Fleurp's anemia.

    b) if I have too many cats, I can't continue to help. Have you ever read the starfish story?

    It is hard to remember that other people are wonderful pet owners. Especially when you keep hearing horror stories of people who abandon pets and or those who don't take care of them. Who want to declaw and let them out and basically want a stuffed animal and not a living being.. but there are a lot of wonderful homes out there. even homes that are less then ideal in your (or my) mind are still wonderful homes where the kitties are loved.

    sometimes spending time in a cage actually helps the kitty become more confident well adjusted kitties.

  5. awww - hissy kittens are some of mom's is just fun to see them go from freaked out to lovey.

    As a note to anonymous (if you don't mind Connie)....fostering can be hard. But letting them go opens a spot to save another life. It can be hard to see them in a cage when they have been in your house...but it is hopefully for a short time until his forever family finds him. And as for his new family, you have to have faith in the rescue to screen them as best they can. You can never get guarantees, but most rescues are very careful. The first ones are usually the hardest. :)

  6. Cute new kittens!!!!

  7. Don't mind in the least. the more input the better :)

  8. Anonymous9:07 PM

    You ladies are fabulous - and wonderful people. Connie, I am also going to email you my thanks tomorrow from work, but wanted to say thanks so much to you and Random Felines for responding to me with the insight.

    Thanks for the reminder to have faith, that there are wonderful homes out there. It's so easy to forget that and focus on the negative, isn't it?

    I have not heard of the starfish story, but I will look it up!!

    Thank you again!

    Jane xo

  9. i linked to it in the 'last few photos' post..

    there are many incarnations of it on the web.

  10. Oh I'll bet they will love having playmates. I will cross my fingers that they are healthy.


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