Thursday, June 7, 2012

A new set up

The big purple tote only worked for so long. Since Simon and Schuster were using just the lower level of the cage I put all three shelves across the middle and used a bit of poster board to cover up the cracks.  Then I covered all that with a piece of fleece for comfort and then a pillow case to catch any debris.

I have to say these baby kittens are INFINITELY more clean (infinitely cleaner?) then Simon and Schuster.  They eat, then they stop and wash their paws and face.  I tried to show Simon what they were doing but they stopped to look at him. 

They are also climbers.  I haven't had climbers in a while.  I am not a fan of climbers because they get into way more mayhem then non climbers.  The major problem with this cat cage is the round doors create a pinch point for climbers if they climb near the door which the little black and white kitten tends to do.  He's got his paw pad pinched in there twice already, one time doing a 360 trying to get it out (it really was quite amazing because he didn't scream until I tried to help.  So I've stuck some wadded up paper towel in there to keep it from happening again.

Mr. Little Grey Fluff Ball went from Kill Kill Die Die on day one, to GO AWAY! on the next visit, to leave me alone on the next to what do you want?? and finally now so do you happen to have any of that food stuffs now?  I'm mightily impressed with the progress.  I'll admit I'm pretty good at taming the feral kittens but I do give some credit to the Feral Cat Rehabilitation from Spirit Essences.  I laced their food with it and gave a little directly. Most of it was spit right out as "YOU ARE TRYING TO KILL ME WITH THIS WATER TASTING STUFF".. which was once again oh so freakingly cute.  I think I might have even heard him purr yesterday..

I adore Simon and Schuster, but they are such a mess that I can't help but appreciate the ease of the babies..

I have a feeling that the ticks I pulled off them put them behind the eight ball.  Remember I pulled one of Simon and five off Schewie.    I can't help but wonder how much blood they lost to parasites and what it cost them to rebuild it.  I actually pulled another tick off the grey kitten too (on his lower eyelid of all places) which led me to this line of thinking since he's just a little bit behind his siblings.

I've never had pull ticks off kittens before.  Looks like this year the tick population is going to be outrageous. 

Simon and Schu are still a mess.  I *think* their stools are starting to firm up.  I've started cutting back on the KMR I give Simon.  I used to let him eat what ever he wanted, but he ate like 60-70ml which is in the area of 1/3 a cup.  He ended up feeling a lot like a furry water balloon with legs.  At his age he should be eating mostly actual food, so I'm offering canned until he eats THEN giving him some KMR since he wants it to keep his calorie count up.  I tried giving him some dry food again and he started digging in it like it was litter.  It kills me to have to convince him that it is food, but since he's not mine I have to follow the guidelines.  Schu seems to like having wet food booties on his feet - kind of like those sock commercials where the husband dips his son in a vat of white stuff..   I've had several talks with them about cleaning themselves, and there has been some minor improvement.  Unfortunately we have had some vomiting. Schu's eye is healing up nicely.  There is a very small cloud still but it seems to be getting smaller all the time.  I guess we don't have to use an eye patch on him :)
Eye patch thanks to

All six of us can't wait for the time when they get to mingle.  When the little black girl sees Simon she does the "I'm all big" puffy dance which just slays me. There is a lot of singing back and forth at one another (It's often a great big musical in there - some weird mash of Romeo & Juliette and West Side Story) They are all going to have so much fun once it is proven they are all healthy and hopefully they will teach Simon and Schu about bathing, or just take the job on themselves.


  1. What adorable little babies you have there. And I love the two tiered cage! purrs

  2. Your post is absolutely adorable - you do such a great job with those little ones.

  3. Thanks for visiting our blog! We are so excited to have discovered another blog that foster kittens. We have added you to our Google Reader. Such cute itty bitties!

  4. Can't wait to see the babies all together. :)

  5. Oh my gosh, they look so tiny in those "huge" cages! Sadie was a climber, and yes, they can get in so much trouble that way!

  6. Oh my gosh, a double decker! Arent they the cutest things! I hope your messy ones learn to clean themselves soon for you!

  7. Anonymous7:05 PM

    That eye patch is adorable...glad it's just being modeled here.


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