Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Simon Says...

Hi Interwebs!  Simon here..
Hold on, just need to get this toy..
Sorry about that, it was so crafty I just had to teach it a lesson!!  I has to tell you that having siblings isn't what it used to be.  I uses to has just one.  He was kinda cool.  I could take him easy peasy and I won all the time..
I'm gonna get you little mousie..
Yea, he's a little.. special.  but anywayz I now has three MORE siblings, and while they are small and I wins easily when we wrassle, there are now FOUR of them all together and that's a LOT of wrasslin
Wanna wrassle?
wrassle wrassle wrassle
I winz!

 But I haz got to tell ya that my new sister?? She is RE LENT LESS!!  (at least those are the three words the mommabean uses)  I say she just never stops.  Even when she loses she doesn't have the good sense to go away, she just keeps commin!!
I playin you can't have
I said no
now stay down!

But does she stay down??? NO!!  She just keeps after what she wants, and I don't nose what to do!  How can I put her in her place if she won't stay there??


  1. oooo - we got distracted by the cat tree....we don't know what to tell you about those little sisters....they can be pesky!

  2. Oh my! How do you get any work done or ever leave the house when there are such fun kittens to watch! I could watch them play and be silly for hours.

  3. LOL! Never a dull moment with them around. Simon is really going to be a stunning boy with that orange coloring.

  4. Oh they are so cute! I love the wrassling photo :-)

  5. You silly baby. She LUBS you!

  6. So sweet! Love those dangly toys too.


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