Friday, June 22, 2012

Take your kitties to work day

Seriously?? Tomorrow* is officially Take Your Pet To Work Day??

Looks like a few someones are going to be getting baths tonight (because the youngsters haven't taught Simon and Schu how to eat with out getting dirty and in all truth they've been learning a few things from them about carrying around some food for "later")

Thank you ModernCat Twitter for telling me..

Speaking of ModernCat.. Don't forget you can vote for Fleurp.. not that she has a prayer of a chance now that City the Kitty is involved.. (not to mention the other celebucats)

*well apparently I forgot to hit publish.  The kittens are here with me at work now :) I brought my camera, if photos are taken, they will be shared.


  1. We vote for Fluerf every day, twice a day!

    Bet not much work got done today with those darling little ones running a muck!

  2. Thanks for the votes Laila! There wasn't a whole heck of a lot of work done (there were pictures taken) with five adorable kittens being adorable and a birthday party and a client visit (who really wanted to take home Simon - in that 'he's really cute but I don't have room' sort of way).

    oh well, there is always Monday


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