Sunday, June 10, 2012

morning update

Dorian came to the front of the cage to ask for attention/to get out.  I let them all out and he was a little more mobile then he was last night but did spend too much of his time sitting in one place. he ate a little on his own and his belly seemed round and full.  after a few minutes he wanted up on my lap and we snuggled for a bit.   I tested his blood sugar levels and he was 117.  a smidge high (should be between 60-100) but that could be the stress.  At least it wasn't too low which is very important and wasn't overly high (200+) which is also important.. 

I thought it might be a good idea to get him in to the shelter to see what they would want to do, so I put him down and was finishing up with his siblings and Simon & Schu.  Dorian cuddled himself into a blanket and started shivering again.  *sigh*

so off we went (with a stool sample fresh from Simon since he or his brother is vomiting and their stool is still pudding) and once we got to the shelter poor Dorian was all hiss again. The woman who was in treatment was a little afraid to touch him.  I calmed him down a little and she was able to handle him easily enough.

I mentioned the joints/lyme and the shivering and that he seemed a little dehydrated.  she decided she wanted to keep him there for observation. 


I didn't want that.  but if they feel that is best.. so I left him there.


  1. Oh. We hope the "stay" doesn't stress poor Dorian and offers an explanation as to what's bugging him. When can the shelter get back to you with an update?

  2. Oh what a sorry saga! Many purrs and good thoughts for little Dorian! xx


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