Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still no pictures

While Aggie and her brothers are neat enough, cage living is still quite difficult for three active young kitties.  And while Simon and Schuster don't seem to get getting any dirtier (thankfully) they still are far from clean.  I'm holding off on giving them a bath in hopes they'll take care of it themselves, but I'm thinking they are so going to need one in order to get them on the right foot in terms of taking care of their white bits.  It is just so much easier to keep out of the state of "oh my goodness if anyone were to see you right now they'd take you away from me for kitten abuse" when they aren't locked up in a cage.

it's funny how much I love them all but so completely differently. 

When Simon and Schu are out, they are in my face SCREAMING and PURRING and frantically running around weaving their way around my ankles, looking for love and food and not necessarily in that order.  They HATE their medication and have totally violent reactions to it and are still a mess.  Schu still nurses on his food, but neither one of them really wants baby milk any more.  They run they tumble they are boys..

Aggie is so clean and neat and tiny and petite.  Henry has a really sweet "flame" on his head.  Dorian, well Dorian is a doll.  He hates being locked up and when he sees me he starts trying to push his skull through the bars.  Aggie will throw herself out of the cage, but the boys just sit there all cute and adorable lined up so I can kiss them.  They reach out and paw at my head if I'm dealing with Simon.  Their purrs are soft and they take their meds surprisingly well.  but did I mention they are neat?  Clean toes clean feet. 

Sometimes I feel bad for loving them because they aren't a mess, but then Agatha becomes Aggie and she makes me laugh and I remember that loving someone because they aren't a mess still means you love them.


  1. I can't wait to see pic of these guys/gals. It's interesting how different their personalities are, even at this young age.

  2. I remember having a SERIOUSLY messy set of fosters once. Loved them dearly - but refused to kiss them. :)


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