Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kittens at work. / Birthday goodness

 Well the kittens did VERY well on their outing.  Henry and Dorian were a little slower coming out of the carrier then the rest, but even they got over their hesitation very quickly.  I guess their days of hissing and spitting are far far behind them now.  *small pats on their backs*

Simon - he completely took over the day
Schuster- and yes he got a bath prior to going to work..
He is going to have food stains until his fur grows out
Simon, just looking, he didn't want to jump down
Going back through this, I just realized they were all VERY people orientated
and none of them really got down to run around the floors
I just love Agatha the black kitten on the black kitty quilt
Simon in the boss's chair, he really has taken over now
"I'm the Boss! Go get me tuna!'
Schuster about to sample my water
Agatha the hand warmer (Photo by Lauren)

Cat and Mouse (Photo by Lauren)
Simon and Schuster
Simon and Fleurp
Schewie and the peony (I was trying to be artsy)
While at work we had a visitor who had a meeting with my boss. She said that Simon worked his charms on him and that he wanted to take Simon home.  As he was leaving he mentioned he had two cats as an excuse as to why he couldn't adopt any more.  I can't ever help myself when people mention they have fewer cats then I do that I have seven, to which he just laughed and we changed the subject.  (why is it that the fact that I have seven cats never changes anyone's mind that their one or two or four cats aren't enough??? LOL)

We had a little shindig at work, there was food and laughter and gifties which was nice.  I get out of work early on Friday and we all ended up getting home in plenty of time to go to a matinee.  We went to go see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  I had completely rolled my eyes when I first heard the title several months ago thinking it was going to be incredibly stupid.  A few reviews said it was from a very well reviewed book that they turned into a movie.  I have to say if you took out the fact that it was Abe Lincoln I would have really enjoyed it.  The fact that it was Abe Lincoln both added and detracted from the movie.  I would say if you like vampire movies (where the vampires don't sparkle) then you will probably like this.  Afterwards we did a little area shopping then went up to Whole Foods and Trader Joes.  We were very much in need of groceries, but I actually enjoy just shopping there for fun and unique foods.  I have been craving a key lime pie and I found a mini one at Whole Foods from The Pie Guy that was absolutely DELICIOUS!!  Finding the link to share with you I just noticed they sell whoopie pies as well.  I'm always on the look out for a good already made whoopie and I have yet to find one (if you want a good whoopie pie recipe, Martha Stewart comes closest to the one I grew up on - but with this frosting)

As we were leaving Whole Foods the sun setting and the clouds made for some really beautiful scenery.  I love how this photo looks like mountains.
Today is my sister's birthday. She was born three years before me so this has always been several days of fun and cake.  Something that I've tended to continue regardless if I actually see my sister on her birthday (I mean there is always left over birthday goodies) There are plans to get together on Sunday.

I was commenting to my husband yesterday that while growing up it always seemed like there was an entire month between my birthday and the Fourth of July.  Only recently has the holiday started encroaching on my birthday.  I guess that they can only celebrate Christmas for so long, so they have started extending other holidays as well to try to drum up sales of holiday goodness.  That and time seems to run faster and faster one you hit "five*"

*that being in cat years :)


  1. You must have been so proud of the wee ones behaving so well at work! Such cute pictures!!!

  2. What a fun experience it must have been for the kitties and everyone at the office. :)

  3. Aw they are all so cute! I love Agatha on black kitty quilt, too :-)
    Happy birthday to your sister!

  4. You call those whoopie things pies? They look scrummy though and so do the kittens!!

  5. Yup. Those would be whoopie pies. The short version would be two flat cookie looking pieces of cake making a frosting sandwich. Often it tastes like someone broke off the bottom of a cupcake and stuck it on top. When it is done right, it is it's own unique taste sensation

  6. I love love love whoopie pies.

    Happy happy birthday! That picture of Agatha on the quilt is absolutely adorable. :)

  7. My Human said that her workplace would be VASTLY improved if she would exchange teenage students for kittens, MOL!!!

  8. They are so cute! I was wondering about that movie too....

  9. SQUEE!!! They're waaaaay too adorable!! <3

    Thanks fur visiting our blog, btw! <3

  10. OMC how sweet. really. squeeeeeeeeeee! about sums it up...

  11. You are all sooo beautiful:-)
    Thanks for your sweet comments in my blog. I appreciate it:-)
    Hugs from Pernille



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