Friday, June 15, 2012

Kitten Mania

In case the videos yesterday weren't enough...
Some how he gets food on his ear tips.
and everywhere else
Feed me lady
First jump on couch only to find empty bowls
Hey, let me out!!
If only I had thumbs my sweet (and were taller)
I shall push through these bars!!
Hey, wait, this isn't what I wanted..
I come to visit.. (or try to nab some of your food)
This looks like a good place to watch my sibs..
What's this?
I *KNOW* what to do with this!
Henry apparently likes to watch
Fear my dance moves
I haz moves too!!
I like to watch..


  1. Great pics! How's Henry feeling? Still limping?

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    SQUEE! Connie, I can't stand the cuteness. Ridiculously precious!!!! Jane

  3. Henry is still a bit slow, choosing to remain laying down instead of climbing the cage walls when I go in, but he's eating and interested in things, so I have a feeling this is going to take the same course as what ever happened to Dorian.

  4. How in the world do Simon and Schuster manage to get so dirty?? Oh my goodness!!

    So cute!!

  5. Hi, can I swap the big Fur ball I have to live with, for those one's covered in food? I'd soon lick them clean.I could play ball with them too.
    Big Licks
    Princess Mollie xx
    Real cute photo's

  6. Those are some dirty boys! I think Schuster is just adorable.

  7. Food on the ear tips, how cute is that and then on the chest fur, OMC!

    We love kittens!


  8. Darling pictures! Makes Mom wants to get us a kitten.

  9. Someone is a messy eater! How does he get it on his ears and all over his chest?? We published kitten photos today too. Very unusual for us!

  10. Oh Princess Molly, send us your mailing address and I'll send them right over :)

    They tend to 'nurse' on the food putting their feet on it and sucking it in.. so then it is all over their face and chest because they lean into it. and all over their paws so when they wrestle it gets everywhere. The ear tips though, that one has me flummoxed.


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