Monday, June 18, 2012


Well I took them to the shelter this weekend and got them tested.  they only tested them for FeLV, so there is still some risk to integrating them.  But since they seem to be in relatively good health (save for the random two day limping/bad day thing we have going on and the lungworm which they are being treated for) I thought it would be best for them (and me) to get them all together.

So when I brought them home I got a plate of raw food (my "please forgive me" for the rough morning) and put that down and opened up the doors.  The video yesterday shows their first few moments together.

I think Dorian really liked the raw food.  He who has most of his body on or covering wins..
They ran around quite a bit.  I don't think the younger ones knew that the older ones haven't always been with them.  Schuster really seemed to love having other kittens not so much bigger then he is to play with.
I put their two small litter boxes along with one great big one in the litter box box and changed the cage around so the bottom had a lot of nice bedding and some boxes to sleep in and they did just fine through the night.

although I am not quite sure that Simon is quite as enamored with his new younger sister as he thought he would be.


  1. it is funny to see introductions - sometimes it goes so well and other times I am surprised when someone gets their back up.

    The tinies I have crated right now do the "stand in the dish to eat" thing too.... very cute

  2. Hi, just stumble upon your blog whilst looking for fellow kitty lovers.
    I admire all your hard work, such dedication.
    I have 4 kitties and other than the 2 sibling none of ours get on. Keeping them all apart is a full time job :)
    Keep up the good work and I will look forward to reading more of your stories.
    ooohbetty xx

  3. Cute, very cute!! :)

  4. Anonymous1:04 AM

    So cute! Introductions are always nerve wracking aren't they?!!
    Keep us updated! xo


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